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The Board Report is the Gresham-Barlow School District's summary of regular school board meetings. In the Board Report, you will find the superintendent's monthly report on the school district, a summary of action taken by the district's board of directors, and information about individuals honored by the school board. The Board Report is published after every regular school board meeting. If you live in Gresham, you can watch board meetings LIVE on MetroEast Community Media Comcast Cable Channel 27 and Frontier Cable Channel 35. If you live in Damascus, you can watch a tape of the board meeting on Willamette Falls TV every Saturday at 1 p.m. on Cable Channel 23.

Below you will find the latest edition of the Board Report.
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Meeting of July 9, 2015
Board Members Present:  John Hartsock, Kris Howatt, Carla Piluso, Kathy Ruthruff,
Sharon Garner and Kent Zook

School board honors Sam Barlow High School graduate for being named state champion
The school board honored Sam Barlow High School graduate Kaylee Ree for being named to the first team all state 6A softball team. Kaylee played shortstop on the team. She will be attending Seattle University in the fall.

Citizens’ Requests of the Board 

Janice Dysinger of Gresham shared her concerns about professional development district staff participate in through the Center for Educational Equity (CFEE). She wondered whether this was the best use of district funds.
Kay Bridges of Portland shared that she had questions about the professional development conducted by CFEE. She suggested suspending participation in the program.
Superintendent’s Report
Superintendent Schlachter announced that two community meetings will be held at West Gresham Elementary School to discuss the school’s condition, possible options, and to gather feedback. Input from staff and the community will be provided Bond Planning Committee. The community meetings are August 4 and September 3 at West Gresham Elementary School. Both meetings begin at 6:15 p.m. More information is on the school district website.  
Superintendent Schlachter shared that soon the school board will adopt seven strategic themes that will help us achieve our mission of preparing every student for success. A committee made up of students, parents, staff members and community leaders created the seven themes. One of those themes is: Eliminate the achievement gap and support equitable outcomes.
Schlachter shared that when we eliminate the achievement gap all students will achieve at high levels. All students will be successful regardless of race, socioeconomic level, or native language.
Schlachter said that in order to eliminate the achievement gap, site councils, teachers, and principals at each school review student data and wrestle with gaps in student achievement. Instructional practices are then addressed in efforts designed to advance student learning for those below benchmarks.
Where gaps exist that correlate to student demographics, educators review practices and attitudes that may contribute to the gaps. It is the district’s goal to instill a belief in every school that all students can learn, grow and be successful.
He stated that adult attitudes and behaviors related to the belief that all students can achieve have been clearly linked to actual student performance. Through a wide variety of professional development opportunities, we continue to address adult behaviors and attitudes about student success. One approach to exploring attitudes related to student performance has been through professional development opportunities led by the Center for Educational Equity (CFEE).
Over the past month, the concerns of people who take exception to some of the instructional materials used by CFEE have been expressed in the news.
Superintendent Schlachter said he welcomes the opinions and thoughts of our community members relative to any of the professional development opportunities we invest in.
One of the primary issues addressed at the CFEE conference is that of race.  Conference activities and materials aggressively confront issues related to people of color.
Superintendent Schlachter said that he recognizes that snippets of content pulled from the short activities used during the 5-day conference can stir up deep emotions.  He said many times effective instruction is designed to challenge learners to consider information outside of their existing frameworks.
Superintendent Schlachter said that while the content used by CFEE does challenge the thinking of participants, the specific activities and information provided does not represent the district’s work with equity.  These are instructional materials, not district statements.
As with all professional development, the district reviews the appropriateness and effectiveness of materials, and will continue to do so.
Over the past 4 years, 37 educators have participated in CFEE professional development and the district has found the approach used by CFEE to be useful. At a cost of approximately $1,400 per participant, this weeklong conference has been a good value.
Superintendent Schlachter said that this is challenging work, but confronting our attitudes and beliefs is a part of adult learning. While the courageous conversations about color can be uncomfortable, it is necessary.
He stated that as a school district, we are committed to addressing systems, practices, and behaviors that limit achievement and opportunities for students.
The Gresham-Barlow School District’s mission is to prepare every student for success. He said the district’s equity work is about increasing opportunities and helping all in our community to be successful regardless of race, socioeconomic level, or native language.

Action Items
APPROVED, accepting the results of the May 19, 2015, board member election as reported by the Multnomah County and Clackamas County elections offices.
Position 1, Zone 1                                                   (Incumbent Katherine J. Ruthruff)
  Clackamas Multnomah Total
Katherine J. Ruthruff 601 3109 3710
Write In 16 101 117
Position 2, Zone 3                                                                 (Incumbent Kris Howatt)
  Clackamas Multnomah Total
Kris Howatt 608 3293 3901
Write In 12 86 98
Position 6, Zone At-Large                                                (Incumbent Sharon Garner)
  Clackamas Multnomah Total
Sharon Garner 616 3296 3912
Write In 7 71 78
Position 7, Zone At-Large                                                
  Clackamas Multnomah Total
John Hartsock 626 3252 3878
Write In 18 88 106
Oath of Office
The Oath of Office is required of board members prior to assuming official duties for either an elected or appointed term of office.  Accordingly, Kathy Ruthruff, Kris Howatt, Sharon Garner, and John Hartsock took the oath of office. The oath of office was administered by Carla Piluso.
APPROVED, electing Carla Piluso, chair, and Kris Howatt, vice-chair for the 2015-16 school year.
APPROVED by one motion, Resolutions 1516-04 through 1516-05 for fiscal year 2015-16
Resolution 1516-04: Designates the district’s Depository of Funds, Auditor, Legal Counsel, Newspaper of Record, and Agent of Record for Insurance, as required annually by Oregon Revised Statutes.
Title Designee
District Depository of Funds
US Bank
Bank of America
Clackamas County Bank
Key Bank
Merchants Bank
OnPoint Credit Union
Umpqua Bank
Columbia Bank
Wells Fargo
State of OR Local Govt Invest. Pool
UBS Financial Securities, Inc.
Piper Jaffray
Bank America Merrill Lynch
Castle Oak Securities
Wells Fargo Securities
Auditor Pauly, Rogers and Co., P.C.
Legal Council
The Hungerford Law Firm, LLP
Miller Nash, LLP
Ball Janik, LLP
Hawkins Delafield & Wood
Mersereau & Shannon, LLP
Garrett Hermann Robertson
Newspaper of Record The Gresham Outlook
Insurance Agent of Record -
Brown & Brown Northwest –
Special Districts of Oregon
Insurance Agent of Record -
Workers’ Compensation
LaPorte Insurance
Insurance Agent of Record –
Medical Benefits/Services
Moloney & O’Neill
Insurance Agent of Record –
Voluntary Student Accident Insurance
Myers, Stevens, Toohey and Company
Agent of Record for Tax Sheltered Annuity & Deferred Compensation Compliance Carruth Compliance Consulting
Resolution 1516-05: Designates the District Clerk, Deputy Clerk, Budget Officer, Authorized Signers, Finance Officer, Custodian of Funds, and Surplus Property Authority, as required annually by Oregon Revised Statues.
Title Designee
District Clerk Jim Schlachter, Superintendent
Deputy Clerk Mike Schofield, Chief Financial Officer
Budget Officer Mike Schofield, Chief Financial Officer
Authorized Signers
Mike Schofield, Chief Financial Officer
Jim Schlachter, Superintendent
Facsimile signatures are authorized
Finance Officer Mike Schofield, Chief Financial Officer
Custodian of Funds Mike Schofield, Chief Financial Officer
Surplus Property Authority
Mike Schofield, Chief Financial Officer
Terry Taylor, Director of Facilities
Jim Schlachter, Superintendent
Resolution 1516-06: Directs the Superintendent and the Chief Financial Officer to designate 2014-15 ending fund balances in accordance with GASB 54 requirements.
Resolution 1516-07: Authorizes the Superintendent and Chief Financial Officer to enter into contracts obligating district funds for products, materials, supplies, and other services that are in the current budget appropriations in accordance with District Policy DJA, District Purchasing.
Resolution 1516-08: Designates the Superintendent and Chief Financial Officer as Officials for Federal, State, and other grants and/or contracts.
REVIEWED, District 2020 Vision Statements
The school board reviewed a set of seven strategic themes that define the 2020 vision for the district. The themes were developed by the district’s strategic planning committee. The committee used a wide variety of input from staff and community members to develop the themes. The proposed themes are:
Teaching and Learning, Growth and Achievement for All – Engage every student in meaningful learning through high-quality, accessible instruction and relevant content.
Eliminate the Achievement Gap and Support Equitable Outcomes – Eliminate the achievement and opportunity gaps throughout the district through an increased focus on equitable outcomes.
College and Career Readiness – Improve and increase high school pathways to college and career options.
Early Learning – Align practices and resources to support all students reading at grade level by the end of third grade.
Class Size and Learning Environments – Strive to strategically reduce class sizes and improve learning environments.
Community Partnerships – Enhance support for students and schools through parent, business, and community partnerships
Community Investment – Create a long-term prioritized plan for enhancing and preserving the community’s facilities
Adoption will be requested at the August 21, 2015, board planning session.
APPROVED, Proposed Board Meeting Schedule for 2015-16
The board meeting schedule will be posted to the district website.
Information Items
Metro Policy Advisor Committee (MPAC) Representation
The school board selected Kent Zook to serve as a school board representative on the Metro Policy Advisory Committee (MPAC). The committee is a charter-mandated committee of local government representatives and citizens. Its purpose is to advise the Metro Council on growth management and land use issues at the policy level.
Gresham-Barlow Turf Field Fundraiser
The administration provided an update to the school board on the fundraising for the Gresham-Barlow Turf Field Project. District and school leaders (Gresham High School and Sam Barlow High School) are fundraising to help pay for replacement turf for both Gresham High School and Sam Barlow High School as well as stadium enhancements. The GHS turf field reached the end of its useful life at the end of the 2014-15 school year and is being replaced for safety reasons. The SBHS turf field will need to be replaced in 2020. More information about the project and how to make a donation is on the district website at
Upcoming school board meetings
August 20
Board Summer Social
5 to 7 p.m.
Paesano Club Cedarville Parkb
August 21
Board Planning Session
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Center for Advanced Learning (CAL)
September 3
Regular Board Meeting
7 p.m.
Public Safety and Schools Building

Can’t Attend Board Meetings?
You can watch regular school board meetings LIVE on Comcast cable channel 27 and Frontier cable channel 35. MetroEast Community Media replays the board meeting at the following times:

Second Showing-Monday at 7 p.m.
Third Showing-The following Thursday at 4 p.m.
If you live in Damascus-
Board meetings are shown on Willamette Falls TV for patrons in the Damascus area. They are scheduled for cablecast on channel 23 every Saturday at 1 p.m.


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