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Mr. Schaefer

Dear Gresham Community,

For the past 16 years I have had the pleasure of working with students and families as an educator. During this time, I have been a teacher in several departments, a coach, an Athletic Director, and an administrator. Through my time in the Gresham Barlow School District I have worked at both Gresham High School and at Sam Barlow High School, as well as in another large Oregon district (where I began my career), and in private business for ten years prior to that. In each stage of my career (and life) I have learned some very different skills and walked away from each building with the firm belief that each student matters, and each needs the support of a village to reach their potential.

Gresham High School embraces each and every student, no matter the challenges, and no matter the background. Teams of outstanding educators and professionals are dedicated to the privileged journey to help to raise students to be contributors to their future, no matter what that may be. In meeting each student where they are, as they walk through each day, it is our sincere belief that in the relationships we build, the fertile ground for learning and growing is laid.

Gresham High School has a history stretching back over one hundred years, as a landmark in our community. Life journeys for young people have begun here, and the mark on the world left by the contributions and care for our students has been laid in each day those students have spent in this building, on our athletic fields, in our performing arts auditorium, and in our community as they learn to lead, give back, and care not only for themselves, but one another.

Gresham High School is special because our student-centered staff constantly strives for improvement. We will continue our emphasis on essential skills through innovative instruction that is focused on Assessing Students for Learning. Our constant focus on improvement, coupled with a renewed emphasis on quantifiable results through targeted, authentic classroom assessments that prepare all student to achieve at high levels is based on our long history and tradition of preparing students for the future.

For a century we have offered positive opportunities for students to achieve personal and academic success. The Gresham High staff is committed to helping students learn to use their minds, hearts, and hands well. We do this through high expectations, focused teaching and learning, and emphasis on the mastery and demonstration of essential skills and concepts. Our school culture relies on a foundation of shared leadership and decision-making, a high degree of professional accountability, a focus on student achievement, and a widely held commitment to promoting a climate that values respect, trust, integrity, and individual dignity throughout the school community.

It is my sincere privilege to work with each student and staff to make this vision a reality. Please don’t ever hesitate to contact me if I can ever be of service to you.

Michael J. Schaefer