• Connection Coordinator Services 

    What the Connection Coordinator does:

    The Connection Coordinator assists students/families between the ages of 12 and 21 to find the best possible education option to complete high school, guides them through the enrollment process, and provides follow-up support.

     Who the Connection Coordinator helps:

    The focus of this service is on youth who are currently not enrolled or attending school and want to return and re-engage. Students currently enrolled in one of the district’s neighborhood high schools, Gresham or Sam Barlow High School, need to meet with their assigned counselor before being referred to the Connections Coordinator.

     How the Connection Coordinator helps:

    • Outreach to students/families who have disconnected from school for various reasons.
    • Assessment of student academic and social needs to determine the school/program that  best fits.
    • Assistance exploring district options and navigating the enrollment process.
    • Follow-up and support in the new educational setting.

     How to receive help:

    • Youth not currently enrolled in school: for immediate assistance, interested youth/families should call or walk in to the counseling office of their neighborhood high school and request Connection Coordinator services. They may also contact the Connections Coordinator directly.
    • Youth enrolled in school: must first discuss with their assigned counselor to determine if a referral to the Connections Coordinator is necessary. The counselor, or other assigned staff, will then submit the referral. 


    Contact Info:


    Gresham High School Counseling Office:

    Counseling Secretary, Kelly Spaid - Phone #: 503-674-5508


    Sam Barlow High School Counseling Office:

    Counseling Secretary, Kerry Smith - Phone #: 503-258-4870


    Gresham-Barlow School District Connections Coordinator:

    Alayna Windham

    Email: windham@gresham.k12.or.us

    Phone #: 971-229-5575

    *Please leave a voicemail with your first and last name and contact info.