Innovation and Partnerships

  • We center our words, actions and decisions around our most marginalized student populations - Every time, Every day.

    Support systemic opportunities to increase student engagement.

    Build relationships with business, industry, government, education and culturally specific community partners to continually evaluate and innovate ways for students to have real world experiences which inform their future decisions.

    Build Multiple Pathways to Career Success through our reengagement and alternative education partners, our postsecondary college partners, our business and trades partners, and local industries.

    Use Career Technical Education (CTE), Project Based Learning (PBL), Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) as some of our vehicles for student engagement.

    Drive our Learning Vehicles on the Multiple Pathways by putting our students in the Driver's Seats of their education.

    Become the navigators next to students as they identify their goals and develop their skills and eventually, fade out of the vehicles as students take over steering their vehicles to their Career Success destination.