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    West Gresham School

    West Gresham Celebration Program

    Programs at 1:30 pm and 3:00 pm

    May 14, 2022

    School Gym


    1:30 pm Program


    Flag Presentation 

    Color Guard       


    National Anthem-GHS Choir


    School Pledge: Carolynn Capps Principal 1997-2003, 2013-2017


    Speaker: Lori Walter, Principal 2017-2020


    Welcome and Introduction of GHS Choir


    GHS Choir

    Under the Direction of Janine Kirstein, GHS Choir Teacher, 2nd generation West Alumni from 1963-1969, Parent 1989-1997


    School Songs

    Koni Riedel- West Gresham Music Teacher 1987-2013

    Rules Song

    School Song


    Video Unveiling

    Produced by 5th grade class of 2020 and Metro East Community Media


    Speaker: GBSD Superintendent of Schools James Hiu

    Recognition of former students, staff, principals


    3 pm Program


    Welcome and Introduction


    Speaker: Lori Walter, Principal 2017-2020


    Dexter McCarty Jazz Choir

    Under the Direction of Ron Neighorn 


    School Pledge and Songs-Koni Riedel-West Gresham Music Teacher 1987-2013



    GBSD Superintendent of Schools James Hiu

    Dan Wood-WGES Principal 1989-1997

    Scott Hansen-WGES Student 1969-1971, WGES Parent 1989-1996, Gresham Grade School Board member 1993