• Aspire


    Access to Student Assistance Programs In Reach of Everyone

    Education Level: High School

    Program Sites: Springwater Trail High School, Sam Barlow High School

    ASPIRE is a high school program that helps students overcome obstacles that may prevent them from pursuing an education beyond graduation. Volunteers may meet with one or more students to assist them with post high school planning, career choice, financial aid, scholarships and admissions applications. Anyone with a desire to help a young adult succeed can become an advisor. A two hour training session is provided, and the minimum time commitment is 1 to 4 hours monthly through the school year.

    Interest? Please Contact:

    Springwater Trail
    Linda Centurion at (503) 261-4611

    Sam Barlow: Patricia Neuenschwander
     at (503) 258-4850

    To learn more about ASPIRE visit