Board Reports

  • The Board Report is the Gresham-Barlow School District's summary of regular school board meetings.

    In the Board Report, you will find the superintendent's monthly report on the school district, a summary of action taken by the district's board of directors, and information about individuals honored by the school board.

    The Board Report is published after every regular school board meeting.

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    You can watch regular school board meetings LIVE on the GBSD Website. Look for the link on the homepage in the District News section!

    If you live in Gresham, you can watch board meetings LIVE on MetroEast Community Media Comcast Cable Channel 27 and Frontier Cable Channel 35. If you live in Damascus, you can watch a tape of the board meeting on Willamette Falls TV every Saturday at 1 p.m. on Cable Channel 23.

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    Coming soon-Board Report for October 14, 2021 Meeting.


    Gresham-Barlow School District-Electronic Summary of Board Action


    Meeting of November 4, 2021

    Board Members Present: Chair Dr. Mayra Gómez, Shawn Farrens, Kris Howatt, Cathy Keathley, Amanda Orozco-Beach, Blake Petersen, and Holly Riegelmann



    Native American Heritage Month

    The school board adopted a resolution recognizing November 2021 as Native American Heritage Month. The resolution recognizes the profound contributions that Native Americans have made and the advances they continue to make in education, medicine, art, culture, and public service, and that they have been a consistent and vital influence in the nation's growth and prosperity.

    View the Resolution


    American Education Week

    The school board adopted a resolution recognizing November 15-19, 2021 as American Education Week. The week, co-sponsored by the National Education Association, the National PTA, the National School Public Relations Association, and other education associations, is aimed at focusing attention on the important role education plays in our country and its future, and the need for everyone to do his or her part in making public schools great. 

    View the Resolution


    Action Items


    Executive Director of Student Support Services presented the district’s report on physical restraints and seclusion for the 2019-20 school year. As required by state law, each summer the district reviews, analyzes, and makes public reporting of the number of physical restraints and seclusions. 

    View the Report



    Return to Learn Update

    Assistant Superintendent of K-12 Schools John Koch provided the school board with an overview of the latest school health safety metrics, quarantine numbers, and active cases of COVID-19 within the school district.

    View the Presentation


    Citizens’ Requests of the Board

    Several individuals submitted public comments to the school board on a variety of topics including mask requirements and the School Resource Officer Program.

    View the written comments submitted to the school board


    Update from the Superintendent and District Leadership

    Superintendent Hiu welcomed newly appointed board member Dr. Shawn Farrens to the school board. In addition to attending civic group meetings, Superintendent Hiu has held Key Communicator meetings for three groups---staff, families, and community members. He has also met with the new Gresham Police Chief Travis Gullberg. Superintendent Hiu and board members have visited a variety of schools this fall including Hogan Cedars Elementary and Springwater Trail High School. He thanked staff throughout the school district for the work they are doing to ensure students are able to attend school in-person, full-time.

    The superintendent shared that he had participated in the Sam Barlow High School Dedication/Open House on October 30 and invited the community to attend the Gresham High School Dedication/Open House on November 6. Superintendent Hiu announced he would provide an update to the school board on the District’s School Resource Officer Program at its November 18 board work session. 


    Information Items

    Student Investment Account (SIA) Annual Report

    Assistant Superintendent of K-12 Teaching and Learning presented the District’s annual report on the Student Investment Account (SIA). The Oregon Legislature passed the Student Success Act in 2019, part of that act is the Student Investment Account Fund (SIA). The purpose of the funds is to meet students’ mental or behavioral health needs and to increase academic achievement for students, including students from racial or ethnic groups that have historically experienced academic disparities. 

    The district has allocated these funds according to the allowable uses determined by the Oregon Department of Education, including expanding instructional time, addressing student health and safety, reducing class size and class loads, and providing a well-rounded education.  

    The first year of implementation is complete, and the annual report for the Oregon Department of Education will be submitted in November 2021.

    View the Student Investment Account Report and Presentation 


    Financial Update as of 9/30/2021

    Chief Finance Officer Jordan Ely shared that as of this very early projection, staff is projecting an annual deficit of $3.6 million. Compared to the budgeted deficit of $4.4 million, this indicates a positive condition. This financial report reflects actuals through September 30 and projections forward from there. It is important to note that as of September 30, the District has not yet experienced a full month of payroll, nor has the District collected any property taxes. Therefore, the projections offered should be viewed as preliminary and not indicative of the financial condition of the district. 

    The primary area of concern related to the balance of revenues and expenditures is the charter school flow-through. While overall district enrollment is around the number staff projected, more students are in charters than projected. This results in an increase of $958 thousand to expenditures without a commensurate revenue increase.

    However, the legislature's late-session increase to the overall State School Fund appropriation has resulted in state-level revenue more than $1.2 million in excess of budget. This increased State School Fund revenue and a positive adjustment to our high-cost disability reimbursement have more than offset local revenues that are not on trend to meet budgeted amounts. 

    Again, all projections are preliminary and are based on imperfect data. Staff has less than 70% confidence in the accuracy of these projections. However, projection accuracy should improve to greater than 95% confidence by spring.

    View the Financial Update


    Upcoming meetings

    Due to the coronavirus/COVID-19 state-wide restrictions, and in keeping with the efforts of social distancing to reduce the spread of the coronavirus/COVID-19, future meetings of the Gresham-Barlow School Board will be presented online to allow for public attendance at the meeting. The Board of Directors and some members of the administration will meet in-person for upcoming meetings. They will abide by mask-wearing and social distancing guidelines during the meetings.

    Meeting links will be sent out with the public meeting notices and posted on the board webpage.


    November 18, 2021

    Board Work Session

    6 pm

    Partnership Room

    Center for Advanced Learning

    December 2, 2021

    Board Work Session

    6 pm

    Council Chambers Conference Room

    Public Safety and Schools Building


    December 2, 2021

    Regular Board Meeting

    7 pm

    Council Chambers

    Public Safety and Schools Building


    Can’t Attend Board Meetings?

    You can watch regular school board meetings LIVE on the GBSD Website. Look for the link on the homepage in the District News section!


    You can also watch regular school board meetings LIVE on Comcast cable channel 27 and Frontier cable channel 35. MetroEast Community Media replays the board meeting at the following times:


    Second Showing-Monday at 7 p.m.

    Third Showing-The following Thursday at 4 p.m.


    If you live in Damascus-

    Board meetings are shown on Willamette Falls TV for patrons in the Damascus area. They are scheduled for cablecast on channel 23 every Saturday at 1 p.m.