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  • The Board Report is the Gresham-Barlow School District's summary of regular school board meetings.

    In the Board Report, you will find the superintendent's monthly report on the school district, a summary of action taken by the district's board of directors, and information about individuals honored by the school board.

    The Board Report is published after every regular school board meeting.

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    Gresham-Barlow School District-Electronic Summary of Board Action


    Meeting of March 5, 2020


    Board Members Present: Jeff Gibbs, Kris Howatt, Amanda Orozco-Beach, and Matt O’Connell.



    Note: Links to photos are available if individuals being recognized were in attendance.


    Classified School Employees Week

    At the February 21 Board Strategic Planning Work Session, the school board passed a resolution recognizing March 2-6, 2020, as Classified School Employees Week in the Gresham-Barlow School District. The resolution officially acknowledged the importance of a strong local school system and the contribution that classified employees make to that system. Celebrations honoring our the District’s classified staff were held in schools and at the district level during the week of March 2-6.

    View the photo from the board meeting on Facebook


    Gordon Russell Middle School student lemonade stand recognition

    The school board honored Gordon Russell Middle School student Annabelle Tinio. In August 2019, Tinio set up a lemonade stand called Funky Fresh Lemonade. She donated her profits to her former elementary school, Powell Valley Elementary, to support students who struggle to get all the supplies they need for the school year. Owners of the local Funky Fresh Juice Company heard about Annabelle’s lemonade stand and matched her donation. Tinio and the Funky Fresh Juice Company were recognized during GRMS’s Great Kindness Challenge Kickoff Assembly in January.


    Sam Barlow High School Racquetball

    The following student athletes:

    2020 All-State Team Racquetball Members

    Emma Corvese, senior

    Kelsey Klinger, senior

    Amanda Myrhow, senior

    Lily Parrish, senior

    Annie Roberts, senior

    Senny Scherler, senior

    Natalie Faulkner, junior

    Chloe Hilsenteger, junior

    Katrina Klatt, junior

    Shelby Levens, sophomore

    Katie Bain, freshman

    Drake Howard, freshman

    2020 Racquetball State Champions

    Senior Annie Roberts, first place in singles. This is her third consecutive year taking the title.

    Seniors Annie Roberts and Kelsey Klinger, first place in doubles. This is their second year taking the title. The team will be honored for its performance at nationals at the April board meeting.

    View the photo from the school board meeting on Twitter


    East Gresham Elementary School Instruction Highlight

    Principal Kimberly Miles shared highlights of the ongoing instruction taking place at East Gresham Elementary School. She shared how East’s school improvement plans aligns with the school district’s strategic investment areas.

    View the East Gresham Elementary School Presentation


    Dexter McCarty Middle School Instruction Highlight

    Principal John George shared highlights of the ongoing instruction taking place at Dexter McCarty Middle School. He shared how DMMS’s school improvement plan aligns with the school district’s strategic investment areas.

    View the Dexter McCarty Middle School Presentation  



    Gresham Arthur Academy Public Charter School Annual Report

    Representatives from the Gresham Arthur Academy presented their report to the school board. By state law, charter schools are required to submit a report to the district and the State Board of Education each year on the performance of the school and its students in the preceding fiscal/school year. The report must include goals and assessments related to student performance and a look forward at the school year ahead.

    View the Arthur Academy Annual Report


    Healthy and Safe Schools Plan

    The district’s updated plan was presented to the school board. In 2016, the State Board of Education adopted new administrative rules requiring each school district, education service district, and charter school (which owns or leases buildings) to develop a “Healthy and Safe Schools Plan.” Included in the requirements of the administrative rules is a report to the board on the required elements of the “Healthy and Safe Schools Plan.”

    View the GBSD Healthy and Safe School Plan


    Citizens’ Requests of the Board

    Sean Taylor, aquatic director of the Gresham High School, presented a proposal for elementary swim lessons for all fourth grade students in the district. He shared that if the primary purpose of the pool is to teach all students to swim, the only way to achieve this goal is through the schools. 

    Gresham-Barlow School District parent Sara Miller shared how the activity of swimming  positively impacted her as a child. She stated that the pool at Gresham High School serves the community well. She encouraged the school board to consider putting more time and resources to the pool at Gresham High School.

    Gresham-Barlow School District teacher Sara Miller shared that she was speaking on behalf of students, teachers, parents, and community members. She encouraged the school board to reinstate full-time music and physical education instruction at the elementary level.


    Superintendent’s Report

    Superintendent Perera shared that the playground at East Gresham Elementary, funded by the 2016 school bond, has been completed and is in use by students. The District Leadership Team is currently participating in equity and inclusion training. Climate surveys taking place in the District’s schools will soon be completed.

    Superintendent Perera introduced Assistant Superintendent Riggs who shared an update on the District’s work on the Student Investment Account grant application. The grant is focused on increasing academic achievement for all students specifically around the disparities of students of color, students with disabilities, bilingual students that are emerging, students that are navigating poverty, homelessness, foster care, and other groups that have been historically experiencing academic disparities. During March, internal and external stakeholders will have the opportunity to review the district’s draft application using an equity lens. The District will use the feedback in finalizing the plan. It will be presented at the April 2 board meeting for final review before being submitted to the Oregon Department of Education by the April 15 deadline.


    Action Items

    APPROVED, the superintendent evaluation for the school year 2019-20 as presented.

    The superintendent’s evaluation focused on four professional standards: 1) Communications and Community Relations; 2) Instructional Leadership; 3) Organizational Leadership; and 4) Planning and Assessment. Regarding the four professional standards, the Board determined that Superintendent Perera’s performance was highly effective in each standard. The School Board is unanimous in its support of Superintendent Perera and concludes her performance for the school year 2019-2020 is of highly effective quality.

    Board Policy CBG, Evaluation of the Superintendent states, "The Board will formally evaluate the superintendent's job performance at least once each year." In addition to this policy, the superintendent's contract stipulates that an evaluation of the superintendent must be completed by March 1 of each year. 

    APPROVED, the not-to-exceed contract amounts for the following projects pending successful contract negotiations:

    Lease Crutcher Lewis - Construction Management & General Contracting: $7,100,000 (Gordon Russell Middle School) 

    Axis Design Group - Architecture & Engineering: $400,000 (Gordon Russell Middle School) 

    Lease Crutcher Lewis - Construction Management & General Contracting: $5,500,000 (Dexter McCarty Middle School)

    Perlo Construction - Construction Management & General Contracting: $7,000,000 (Clear Creek Middle School)

    Convergint Technologies - Security Trio (vestibules, cameras, access control): $1,400,000 (Dexter McCarty Middle School, Gordon Russell Middle School, West Orient Middle School, Clear Creek Middle School, Springwater Trail High School, Hogan Cedars Elementary, East Orient Elementary, Highland Elementary)

    The projects listed above are 2016 school bond projects planned for the remaining of the 2020 calendar year.


    Information Items

    Financial Update

    The administration presented a financial report/summary for the school district ending January 31, 2020. Based on the January 31, 2020 estimate from the Oregon Department of Education (ODE), staff expects $1.8 million in unanticipated revenue to positively impact the ending fund balance, now estimated at just over $18 million. Staff are monitoring expenditures closely and do not expect to exceed appropriations.

    View the Financial Report


    Upcoming meetings

    March 12

    Board Work Session

    6 pm

    Center for Advanced Learning

    Partnership Room


    April 2

    Board Work Session

    6 pm

    Public Safety and Schools Building

    Council Chambers Conference Room


    April 2

    Regular Board Meeting

    7 pm

    Public Safety and Schools Building

    Council Chambers


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    You can watch regular school board meetings LIVE on the GBSD Website. Look for the link on the homepage in the District News section!

    You can also watch regular school board meetings LIVE on Comcast cable channel 27 and Frontier cable channel 35. MetroEast Community Media replays the board meeting at the following times:


    Second Showing-Monday at 7 p.m.

    Third Showing-The following Thursday at 4 p.m.


    If you live in Damascus-

    Board meetings are shown on Willamette Falls TV for patrons in the Damascus area. They are scheduled for cablecast on channel 23 every Saturday at 1 p.m.