Bus Route Lookup

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    You are about to be rerouted to our VersaTrans eLink Online Information System.

    eLInk is an online information system that allows you to lookup bus route information for a currently enrolled student.

    You will need to login using guest as the User Name and guest as the password.

    Once logged in, you will be able to do a simple search using the student's current registered address. Please follow the instructions below for best results...

    1. Please be sure to input all requested information.
    2. Please use exact Postal address information (SW for Southwest, CT for Court, etc.)
    3. Please be aware that some high school bus information will be unavailable because high schools use class schedule times that vary during the week. If you need more information than is provide with this search tool, we encourage you to contact First Student Transportation (our transportation provider) for the additional information.
    4. Please use the following information when logging in...

      User Name: guest
      Password: guest

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