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    Gordon Russell Middle School Mission
    We are committed to maintaining a school:

    • With a positive learning atmosphere where high achievement is the primary goal;
    • Which develops a sense of community;
    • Where diversity is respected;
    • Where we use resources responsibly.


    Gordon Russell Middle School is committed to high quality and developmentally appropriate middle-level education. We work to create educational experiences for our students characterized by quality work and relevant learning through challenging integrated curriculum, instruction and assessment. In all settings, we work to develop relationships that promote trust and safety, and the relationships needed for both learning and student well-being. Opportunities are provided for all to succeed through core academic classes, exploratory electives and core enrichment, and co-curricular activites.

    Respectful partnerships are maintained with parents and the community through service and communication. We promote the development of personal responsibility and accountability by providing our students with opportunities for significant choice and decisions related to learning. Last of all, we hold high expectations for all who are involved in middle level education at Gordon Russell Middle School.

    Gordon Russell Middle School is widely recognized as a special place because of its academic environment that challenges students and builds upon their unique strengths and talents. We offer an outstanding program of elective classes in art, AVID, band, choir, health, physical education, and science and technology. These programs complement the core academic areas of mathematics, science, social studies, language arts.

    Mascot: Thunderbird

    Colors: Red and Black

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