About Hall Elementary


    School Vision and Mission

    The mission of Hall elementary is to be an inclusive community focused on joyous and rigorous learning so all students may reach their full potential


    At Hall Elementary we believe that all children deserve the right to joyous, rigorous, equitable, culturally and linguistically affirming,  and care-centered learning. We believe that we must meet students where they are by acknowledging the whole-child and then love them enough to hold high standards of what they will be able to achieve. We honor that our families and caregivers are the most important partners in their students' journey in schooling. We greatly celebrate the diversity of our community and strive to be a school of and by the community it serves. 


    We are #HallTogether #JuntosHall


    Guidelines for Success and Community Values



    We honor our feelings, body, and identities and those of the community around us. We strive to learn about and advocate for our needs and what is right and the needs of those in our community


    We are enthusiastic about our learning. We come to school on time and are ready to participate. We go above and beyond to show how much we care about our learning and our community.


    We are determined and will never give up, even when it’s hard. We grow every day and take risks even if we may get it wrong or need to practice. 


    We have genius within us and we all show it in different ways. We strive to let our genius shine and support the genius of others. 


    We practice empathy by making sure we hold our community in great care.  If one of us has  been harmed we rise to make sure they will be cared for and if we have harmed another  we will work towards making it right. 


    PBIS Expectations and our Values, 





    Empathy & Honor

    Honor & Empathy

    Genius, Enthusiasm & Determination

    We will make choices that do no harm to our bodies, minds, and feelings and ensure to keep the bodies, minds, and feelings of our community safe too.

    We will make choices that follow the platinum rule - we treat others how they wish to be treated. 

    We will rise to the occasion of showing what we know, protecting our school and community, and coming to school on time every day. 




    We have excellent student support programs in place, being a school-wide Title I school. We
    are proud to be a SUN (Schools Uniting Neighborhoods) Community School, expanding
    learning opportunities for students and their families after school and during vacation periods.
    Hall also has an active, supportive Parent Teacher Club.

    Our highly qualified teachers and staff strive to ensure each child is “Prepared for Success.” Our
    focus is on student achievement, with every student making significant progress every day.

    We welcome your participation in our school!




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  • Principal:Michelle Cardenas
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    School Address: 
    2505 NE 23rd Street
    Gresham, OR 97030
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    Phone: 503-661-6330
    Fax: 503-492-6728

    School Hours:8:35-3:05 Mon,Tues,Thurs,Fri.

                            9:35-3:05 Wednesdays 


    Office Hours:
    8:00 AM - 4:00 PM