• Vision and Belief Statements:

    West Gresham is a unique school that blends tradition with the best current educational practices. Through our daily work we strive to honor the past, celebrate the present, and look to the future. We believe our school is an enriched learning environment because of the diversity of ideas, cultures, and life experiences that we bring together to the West Gresham school community. We respect and value individual differences and share the following common beliefs:

    • Students will feel safe, secure and cared for throughout their school day.
    • Students will have clearly defined behavioral expectations that teach respect, appreciation, and consideration of all students, staff members, and visitors, as well as respect for school property.
    • Students will have a rich learning experience that emphasizes basic literacy and mathematics skills, yet provides expanded educational opportunities including science, social science, health, second language, music, arts, and physical education.
    • Students will have their individual educational needs met. We recognize differences and strive to provide opportunities for all students to experience success.
    • Students will have the opportunity to participate and succeed in a variety of learning experiences and enrichment activities provided by the school and the community.
    • Students will have an effective school in which staff, parents, and community members work in partnership to create a positive climate of student achievement and success.
    • Students and staff will access current technology and information to be successful lifelong learners.
    • Students and staff will respect and value instructional time. To maximize learning, interruptions will be minimized.
    • Students and staff will conserve all available resources and teach each other the value of being responsible to our environment.