Help Finding a Career

  • If you are a student looking for part-time employment while in school there are several options in and around our school.   Some of you might consider working in the restaurant sector and need to obtain a Food Handlers Permit.  The following link will take you to the test:  

    Link to take the Food Handlers Permit test:

    Besides restaurants, there are also opportunities with numerous other local companies.  These include, but are not limited to, retail, hardware, and clothing stores so do not limit yourself to one type of work unless that is something that you would like to do for a long term basis.

    If you are looking for longer term employment after graduation, the following information can be extremely helpful: 

    There is good news for those of you who wish to find a decent paying, entry-level job immediately following high school.  The State of Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Worksource Deveolpment have teamed up to create Career Pathways for Oregonians

    Currently, there are 180 Career Pathways available through Oregon's 17 community colleges.  These Pathways create roadmaps for continued career development and education as you gain experience.