Resume Examples

  • What is a Resume?

    A resume is a summary of your work and or volunteer experiences and relevant skills.

    • It highlights your accomplishments to show a potential employer, college admissions representative or scholarship committee that you are qualified for whatever you are pursuing. It is not a biography of everything you have done.
    • The purpose is to get you or your application a second look.
    • A resume can (and often should) reflect more than just your paid work experience. Current students, in particular, should consider including the details of your more important extracurricular, volunteer and leadership experiences.
    • Tailor separate resumes to fit each career field or scholarship in which you are searching. Some people create slightly different resumes tailored for each submission.
    • Remember that you can come to the College & Career Center for additional help and review of your resume.
    • Also remember to check out CIS for other resume templates.

    Resume Examples
    Scholarship Resume
    Entry Level Job Resume
    Resume - A worksheet to help create a resume

    If you would like help editing your resume come to the College and Career Center.