SAT & ACT Exam Information

  • Four year colleges and universities generally require that a standardized test be taken to apply for admission. Oregon community colleges do not require standardized tests, but do have their own placement tests. Some colleges and universities may require a subject test along with the standardized test. Each school's website and/or admissions office will give you the information you need on test requirements.

    PSAT  - October each year
    The State of Oregon requires that all sophomores to take the exam free of charge. For university bound students it designed to prepare juniors for the SAT, and is also the basis for National Merit Scholarship awards. 

    SAT -  To find test sites, dates or register go to website: Exam Schedule 
    The SAT is usually taken in the spring of the junior year or during the senior year. Students are allowed to take the test multiple times, but should do so in time for their scores to be recieved before college's priority deadlines. Please Note: Exams are given at various sites in the Portland/Vancouver area. Gresham High School does not host the SAT. 

    ACT - To find test dates and sites go to website: Exam Schedule 
    The ACT is also used widely by college and university admission offices. Please Note: Exams are given at various sites in Portland/Vancouver area. Gresham High School does not host the ACT exam.

    TEST Prep:  Here are some resources to help prepare for taking the ACT or SAT:  Saturday Academy,  OSAA Sponsored - Eknowledge,  Oregon State Libraries

    Which Test To Take?
    Many schools require one or the other of these tests, but not both. Typically, they will accept either the SAT or the ACT. It is important that the student has current admissions information for any school they are applying to and act accordingly.

    Each of these test has a different orientation. The SAT is known as a reasoning or logic-based test. It tends to favor students with better vocabularies, and of the two tests, is considered to be more "coachable". Students who have strong vocabulary and who do well on reasoning problems will have an edge with the SAT. The ACT exam has traditionally been linked more closely to a typical high school curriculum than the SAT. It does not quiz on vocabulary, but test's language skill through reading comprehension and grammar questions. The ACT may be better suited to students who generally do well in school, but not on standardized tests, and to those comfortable with science.

    I am a High School Junior, which test should I take?
    There are several benefits to taking the PSAT in the fall of your junior year. First of all, the test results are used to qualify students as a National Merit Scholar. Another benefit to the PSAT is that the exam booklets along with your scores, your anwers and the all of the correct answers are returned to you. This will help you better prepare to take the SAT in the Spring of your Junior year.