Credit Recovery Information

  • School Counselor approval is required for all credit retrieval. 

    Please complete the online form for credit recovery and your School Counselor will verify your courses.  Each class shall be approved by your School Counselor.

    Online Credit Recovery - Edgenuity

    Here is the link to sign up for free online credit recovery

    Twilight After School Credit Recovery - In person
    Twilight Recovery ProgramTwilight Spanish
    Once you fill it out, your counselor will verify the classes you signed up for are correct.


    General Credit Recovery Information

    What options are approved for credit recovery? 

    o   Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) - spring and summer only
    o   Brigham Young University (BYU)
    o   Gresham High School programs: Edgenuity, the SUN program and Gresham Summer School 
    o   Metro East Web Academy (MEWA)
    o   Edgenuity (online through GHS during the school year)

    Where can I sign up for these programs:
    o   Mt. Hood Community College: 503-491-7421
         - How to register for MHCC Credit Recovery
    o   Gresham Summer School: Please speak with your School Counselor

    Online Independent Study Courses:
    o   BYU:
    o   Edgenuity - See your counselor
    o   MEWA Web Academy

    Approximately how much does credit recovery cost?
    o   Cost varies between programs and can start at $50 or more per 0.5 credit class.  GHS offers a discount on the SUN/Edgenuity/Gresham Summer School if you qualify for free/reduced lunches.

    Who do you see for information on credit recovery classes?
    o   Your School Counselor

    What is the first step you need to complete before signing up for credit recovery?
    o   Talk with your School Counselor 

    How soon after failing a class should you do credit recovery?
    o   As soon as possible, don't wait! 

    How many credit recovery classes can you take in a year?
    o   As many classes as you need; speak with your School Counselor on what they would recommend. 

    What do you need to do if you fail a credit recovery class?
    o   Don’t give up!  Talk with your School Counselor to sign up again 

    Which classes qualify for credit recovery?  
    o   Only classes you have failed

    Can I take credit recovery for a "D" grade?
    o   Talk with your School Counselor for options on how to make a grade improvement