New Hobby and Sports Titles

  • April 2021

    Into the Wild (Chris McCandless) (eAudiobook)

    January 2021

    Bulldog Puppies (Top Puppies Series) (eBook)
    Cars (Top 10 Fastest Series) (eBook)
    Chance the Rapper: Independent Innovator (eBook)
    Deep-sea Fishing (Dangerous Jobs Series) (eBook)
    Drones (Odysseys in Technology Series) (eBook)
    Football (Kids' Sports Series) (eBook)
    German Shepherd Puppies (Top Puppies Series) (eBook)
    Ghosts (Unsolved Mysteries Series) (eBook)
    Jiu-Jitsu (Ready For Sports Series) (eBook)
    Jeeps (Offroad Vehicles Series) (eBook)
    Make and Upload Your Own Videos (Digital Makers Series)
    No Way!: Spectacular Sport Stories (Time Nonfiction Readers Series) (eBook)
    The Quarterback: El Mariscal de Campo (Playmakers in Sports Bilingual Series) (eBook)
    Swimming (Ready for Sports Series) (eBook)
    Talkin' Basketball (Talkin' Sport Series) (eBook)
    Unicorns (Mysterious & Unknown Series) (eBook)

    December 2020

    Witches and Witchcraft (Man, Myth, and Magic Series)

    November 2020

    Basketball (and other things): A Collection of Questions Asked, Answered, Illustrated

    October 2020

    Arthur Ashe: Tennis Great & Civil Rights (eBook)
    Fitness, Personal Care Services & Education (Careers in Demand for High School Graduates Series)
    Jackie Robinson: Baseball Great & Civil Rights Activist (eBook)
    So You Want To... Publish Your Own Book & e-book: A step-by-step Guide to Fun & Profitable Publishing (Young Adult Series)
    Wilma Rudolph (eBook)



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