New Science/Technology/Math Titles

  • February 2021

    Coping with HIV and AIDS (Coping Series)
    Everything You Need to Know about Birth Control (Need to Know Library Series)
    The Invention of Surgery: A History of Modern Medicine: From the Renaissance to the Implant Revolution
    Jane Goodall: Primatologist and Conservationist (Women in Science Series)
    Kingfisher Animal Encyclopedia

    January 2021

    12 Women in Medicine (Women Who Changed the World Series) (eBook)
    Bubblegum: Addition and Subtraction (Your World Series) (eBook)
    Bulldog Puppies (Top Puppies Series) (eBook)
    Cars (Top 10 Fastest Series) (eBook)
    Charles Darwin's Around-the-World Adventure (eBook)
    Coronavirus: A Book for Children (eBook)
    Deep-sea Fishing (Dangerous Jobs Series) (eBook)
    Drones (Odysseys in Technology Series) (eBook)
    Fire (Elemental Earth Series) (eBook)
    German Shepherd Puppies (Top Puppies Series) (eBook)
    Jeeps (Offroad Vehicles Series) (eBook)
    Land Animals (Top 10 Fastest Series) (eBook)
    Logging (Dangerous Jobs Series) (eBook)
    Make and Upload Your Own Videos (Digital Makers Series) (eBook)
    The Mars Rovers (Wonders of Space Series) (eBook)
    Milestones of Flight: From Hot-air Balloons to SpaceShipOne (eBook)
    Military Vehicles (Off-Road Vehicles Series) (eBook)
    On the Scene: a CSI's Life (eBook)
    Race to the Bottom of the Ocean (Great Races Series) (eBook)
    Spiders are Acrobats!: and Other Strange Facts (That's wild! Series) (eBook)
    Toco Toucans: Big-Billed Tropical Birds (Comparing Animal Traits Series)
    A Turtle's Dangerous Journey (Animal Habitats at Risk Series) (eBook)
    Vampires Can Swim!: and Other Strange Facts (That's wild! Series) (eBook)

    December 2020

    Pandemics: Deadly Disease Outbreaks (Hot Topics Series)
    Physics: Understanding the Properties of Matter and Energy (The Study of Science Series)
    The Quantum Labyrinth: How Richard Feynman and John Wheeler Revolutionized Time and Reality

    November 2020

    The Basics of Magnetism (Core Concepts Series)
    Chernobyl: The History of a Nuclear Catastrophe 
    My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla
    Principles of Anatomy (eBook) (In Salem Press Database)
    Principles of Botany (eBook) (In Salem Press Database)
    Principles of Climatology (eBook) (In Salem Press Database)
    Principles of Mathematics (eBook) (In Salem Press Database)
    Principles of Zoology (eBook) (In Salem Press Database)
    Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla: Biography of a Genius

    October 2020

    Albert Einstein: Physicist & Genius (eBook)
    Amelia Earhart (eBook)
    Bill Gates: A Biography (eBook)
    Cell Phone Addiction (Emerging Issues in Public Health Series)
    Dealing With Cyberbullying (Helping Yourself, Helping Others Series)
    Drug Addiction and Substance Use Disorders (Diseases and Disorders Series)
    Ellen Ochoa (eBook)
    Jane Goodall: Primatologist and Conservationist (eBook)
    Marie Curie: Chemist and Physicist (eBook)
    Mark Zuckerberg: Shaping Social Media (eBook)
    Nikola Tesla: Harnessing Electricity (eBook)
    Phobias: When Fear Becomes Irrational (Diseases and Disorders Series)
    Richard Feynman: Quarks, Bombs, and Bongos (eBooks)
    Sally Ride (eBook)
    Stephen Hawking (eBook)
    Steve Jobs: Apple Icon (eBook)
    Understanding Personality Disorders (Diseases and Disorders Series)

    September 2020

    I Am a Digital Addict. Now What? (Teen Life 411 Series) (eBook)
    I Have an Alcoholic Parent. Now What? (Teen Life 411 Series) (eBook)

    May 2020

    The Industrial Revolution: Steam and Steel (Age of Revolution Series)
    Living With Learning Disabilities and Disorders (Diseases and Disorders Series)

    April 2020

    Mark Zuckerberg (People in the News Series)
    No One is Too Small to Make a Difference by Greta Thunberg
    Quitting Smoking & Vaping (For Dummies Series)

    March 2020

    Anorexia and Bulimia: Dangerous Eating Disorders (Diseases and Disorders Series)
    Bringing Back our Deserts (Conservation Success Stories Series)
    Bringing Back our Freshwater Lakes (Conservation Success Stories Series)
    Bringing Back our Tundra (Conservation Success Stories Series)
    Bringing Back our Wetlands (Conservation Success Stories Series)
    Engineering: Very Short Introductions
    Dealing with Eating Disorders (Helping Yourself, Helping Others Series)
    Spaceflight: The Complete Story, from Sputnik to Curiosity
    Stars and Nebulae (The Universe and Our Place in it Series)
    Thinking Critically: Electric Cars


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