College & Recognition of IB Courses

  • College Benefits of Taking IB Classes in High School
    Many universities will give college credit for certain scores on IB exams. We also offer dual-enrollment with a few of our IB classes with Mt. Hood Community college.  While this is can be a true cost-savings for college, the hidden benefit is the skill-set that students gain, which will lead to higher success in their university courses.   It is important to look at the requirements for the university you are interested in, as there is much variation, and it changes from year to year.  

    Oregon State University IB Credit
    University of Oregon IB Credit

    Update - Students taking Ib tests starting in the 2019-2020 year and earning a 4 or higher will recieve credit at all OUS schools IF they enroll starting in 2021 or after.


    IB University Acceptance Rates Study  A research study by the IB.  The average acceptance rate of IB students into university/college is 22 percentage points higher than the average acceptance rate of the total population.​

    Effectiveness of an IB Education  IBO website describing the importance of an IB education.

    Oregon Promise - State of Oregon will help fund community college education for ALL students.