GHS IB Diploma Requirements

  • Full IB Diploma

    The IB Diploma represents the most rigorous course of study for students at GHS.  Benefits of working towards the IB diploma include excellent college preparation and the development of strong academic characteristics.  The IB Diploma is earned in conjunction with the Gresham High School Diploma.

    IB classes are aimed at juniors and seniors.  While there is no application process for IB, we highly encourage students to develop strong independent study skills in grades 9 and 10.  

    Students study six subjects from the subject groups. Normally three subjects are studied at higher level (courses representing 240 teaching hours), and the remaining three subjects are studied at standard level (courses representing 150 teaching hours). 

    All three parts of the core- extended​ essay, theory of knowledge and creativity, action, service- are compulsory to the philosphy of the Diploma Programme.​

    Students should work closely with their counselor and the IB Coordinator, (Mr. Simpson), to develop a 4 year high school plan.  Here is a Two Year Planning Document for the IB Diploma.

    The Six Academic Subjects​

    Group 1: Language A​​
    Literature in a student's first language​
    Group 2: Second Language
    Group 3: Individuals and Societies
    Group 4: Experimental Sciences
    Group 5: Mathematices ​
    Group 6: The Arts

    The Core Requirements

    Extended Essay (EE)
    This essay has a prescribed limit of 4,000 words. It offers the opportunity to investigate a topic of individual interest, and acquaints students with the independent research and writing skills expected at universities. 

    Theory Of Knowledge (TOK)
    This course is designed to provide coherence by exploring the nature of knowledge across disciplines, encouraging an appreciation of other cultural perspectives.

    Creativity, Action, Service (CAS)
    This program encourages students to be involved in artistic pursuits, sports and community service work, thus fostering students' awareness and appreciation of life outside the academic arena.