Department Mission

  • We at Gresham High School have a rich tradition of excellence in academics and activities. Our Activities Department mission is focused on providing all students opportunities to expand their personal growth. Our fundamental belief that education does not simply end at the conclusion of the regular school day. Students need intentional opportunities in activities to provide valuable connections and experiences. As well documented, students who participate in activities are more likely to have higher grade point averages, better class attendance, and fewer disciplinary issues.  Furthermore, there are innumerable life-lessons that can be learned through being a contributing member of an interconnected group or program.

    Therefore, a primary function of extra and co-curricular programs is to promote lifelong social emotional learning and development. Student participation in extra and co-curricular programs can encourage individual development by providing opportunities for leadership, sportsmanship, fellowship, teamwork, commitment to goal achievement, character building, communication skills, competition and school pride.

Department Core Beliefs

    • We believe that involvement in activities, athletics, school leadership and clubs provides valuable lessons and experience for our students.
    • We offer a wide variety of engaging extracurricular activities to our students and encourage everyone to participate in something.
    • Whatever your interests are, we hope you will join us!!!

Department Values

  • Why should GHS students get involved?

    • Getting involved in extracurricular activities is a good way for students to meet new people, develop new skills, make a contribution and have fun.
    • Students can display their talents; develop leadership and organizational abilities; learn decision-making; time management; enhance communication & interpersonal skills; and be impactful.
    • These traits will strengthen each student in high school, and beyond.

    “How” can GHS students get involved in Activities?
    The following are a number of activities for all students that Gresham High School has to offer in the co-curricular Fine & Performing Arts; diversity of club activities; and our Rhythmettes Spirit program (Cheer, Dance & Mascot). Take a look at programs of interest within this Activities page.