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  • June 2023 Finals Schedule

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  • Summer Credit Recovery Flyer in English

    Summer Credit Recovery Flyer in Spanish

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  • Summer Camps Graphic

    Click on links below for info about summer camps

    Boys Basketball Camp (Grades 3 through 9)

    Girls Basketball Camp (Grades 3 through 9)

    Boys Tennis Camp (Ages 6-14)

    Girls Tennis Camp (Grades K-9)

    Wrestling Camp (all ages)

    Cross Country Summer Info (info coming soon)

    Football Youth Camp July 31-Aug 3 (Grades 3-8)

    Youth Soccer Camp July 10-12 (Grades 1-6)

    Boys Soccer Aug. 7-10 (HS Camp)

    Girls Soccer Aug. 7-10 (HS Camp)

    Volleyball Aug. 8-10 (Youth & HS Camps) (Grades 3 to 12)

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  • Get Your Barlow Swag Here!  

    Check out the online Bruins Spirit Sideline Store: 

    Sideline Store May Promo

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  • Sports & Activities Registration

    Registration for all seasons of sports and all school activities or clubs may be done with the registration link below:

    All athletes must complete the online registration form and have a valid physical (see below) on file before they can participate in practices or tryouts.

    Click here to register for Sports & Activities: 2022-2023 Athletic & Activities Registration Form

    Barlow Athletic Information - Fall 2022 - Click to download Info Sheet

    Physical Form

    As part of the athletics registration process, you must have a valid physical on file. These are good for two years, so most sophomores and seniors who participated last year should already have one on file. All incoming freshmen and most juniors will need to get a physical using the OSAA Physical Form and submit that to the athletics office. Please email a completed physical form to dougharity@gresham.k12.or.us.

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  • Student Parking Passes

    In order to park at Sam Barlow High School, students must purchase a parking pass. Parking passes are sold in the Student Management office. For detailed information on parking at Sam Barlow, please review the Parking Pass Informational Letter. The cost of a parking pass will be $30.00 for a Main Lot pass and $25.00 for an Annex Lot pass. All parking passes will be sold based on the following criteria:


    To purchase a parking pass, students must meet the following criteria:


    • You must be a Junior or Senior

    • Attended at least 85% of the days during the second semester of the 2021-22 school year

    • Have a valid Oregon Drivers License

    • Have current car insurance

    • Completed the Parking Pass Application. The application must be printed and completed prior to purchase. If you need a copy, please stop by the main office between the hours of 7:30 am and 3:30 pm Monday through Friday.


    If students meet the above criteria, Seniors, CAL students and those who have a zero period will be given first priority on purchasing parking passes. All other Juniors will be placed into a lottery system with numbers being drawn randomly the week of September 6. Students whose numbers are drawn will be notified by student management.

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  • Bruins Care Sponsor Burn Feed

    Bruins Care Sponsor Gresham Ford

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  • School Immunization Rates Report


    The State of Oregon requires schools to notify parents of their immunization rates for each required vaccine.  These rates will be posted on our school’s website, in our school office, and sent home to parents.  The rates attached are the exemption rates as of the February exclusion date, which is always the third Wednesday of that month.  Schools are required to publish this information twice each school year.  These rates will be posted within thirty days of the February exclusion date.  The same information will be shared again during the first month of school next school year.  Again, these rates are collected and tallied each February.



    Informe de índice de vacunación escolar


    El estado de Oregón requiere que las escuelas notifiquen a los padres las tasas de vacunación para cada vacuna requerida. Estas tasas se publicarán en el sitio web de nuestra escuela, en la oficina de nuestra escuela y se enviarán a los padres. Las tasas adjuntas son las tasas de exención a partir de la fecha de exclusión de febrero, que es siempre el tercer miércoles de ese mes. Las escuelas deben publicar esta información dos veces cada año escolar. Estas tasas se publicarán dentro de los treinta días a partir de la fecha de exclusión de febrero. La misma información se compartirá nuevamente durante el primer mes de clases el próximo año escolar. Una vez más, estas tasas se obtienen y se contabilizan cada mes de febrero.



    Отчет об уровне иммунизации школы


    Штат Орегон требует, чтобы школы уведомляли родителей о степени иммунизации каждой необходимой вакцины. Эта информация  будет опубликована на веб-сайте нашей школы, в нашем школьном офисе и отправлена домой родителям. Прилагаемые данные являются данными  освобождения на февральскую дату исключения, которая всегда является третьей средой этого месяца. Школы обязаны публиковать эту информацию дважды в течение каждого учебного года. Эти показатели будут опубликованы в течение тридцати дней с даты исключения в феврале. Эта же информация будет опубликована снова в течение первого месяца школы в следующем учебном году. Опять же, эти показатели собираются и подсчитываются каждый февраль.

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  • GBSD has partnered with Legacy GoHealth to offer staff, students, and families preferred access COVID-19 testing.

    You can use any type of insurance to access  COVID-19 testing through a special website that has been set up for the Gresham-Barlow community. Visit: GBSD-GoHealth COVID-19 Testing Kaiser members can also use this website and there is no co-pay.

    As a reminder, additional information about COVID-19 testing is available on the Gresham-Barlow School District Website on the Health and Safety Resouces Webpage

    You can access the webpage on any district or school website by clicking on the Health and Safety Resources button on the right side of each site’s banner.

    GoHealth COVID Testing


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  • Click here to watch a fabuoous video about the school renovation at Sam Barlow High School: 

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  • Multnomah County Student Health Center

    FREE Clinic and Resources for ALL Students Living in Multnomah County

    MultCo Health Clinic Services

    MultCo Health Center

    Click Here to Watch Video About the Clinic & Services

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  • Check out the Info for Driver's Ed

    Driver Ed Graphic


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  • Join the conversation!

    Every voice matters at Sam Barlow High School

    Let's Talk!

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  • Pay Fees Online in the Bruin WebStore!Bruin WebStore Graphic

    You may pay athletics fees, activities fees,

    course fees, camp fees, and even purchase items

    or make a donation toward a program online! 


    Follow this link: Barlow WebStore

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  • Receive School Reminders/Updates via Text Message!

    Sign up to receive messages from your child's school and GBSD!

    Learn more here

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  • ASPIRE Volunteers

    ASPIRE is a program that connects community volunteers with students to both mentor and assist them in choosing post high school options as well as completing applications for college and scholarships. Our ASPIRE Program has been instrumental in helping students succeed after high school by showing them the various options available to them.  We are looking for more volunteers to become part of the ASPIRE Program and help in our College and Career Center. For more information, view this Video Clip. If you are interested, please contact Patty Neuenschwander in the College and Career Center at 503.258.4890.

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  • Student of the Month

    As part of our student recognition program we send PRIDE Notes (a post card) home to students who have demonstrated Purpose, Respect, Integrity, Determination, and Excellence. Each month we then compile a list of students, by grade level, and generate a ballot for staff to vote both a male and female student to become a Student of the Month. In order to spotlight our best and brightest, students receive a certificate, their picture is hung in a main hall for the month, and they get a PRIDE T-shirt.

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District News

Principal's Message



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Schmidt

Dear Barlow Community,

For the past 22 years I have had the pleasure of working with students as an educator. During this time, I have been a science teacher, a technology teacher, a coach, and an administrator. Through my time in the Gresham Barlow School District I have worked at both Sam Barlow High School and at Gordon Russell Middle School. In each school I have learned some very different skills and walked away from each building with some life long lessons.

The first lesson I have learned is that regardless of where you are, a major component to school success is based on the community that supports a school. Whether that is a parent group, an athletic team, an academic department, or a group of high-energy students, community is what drives a school. Yes it is important that we provide a curriculum that pushes our kids to excel in academic areas, but it is more important that we structure our school in a way that builds a community of high expectations for all. For if we do this, and we support kids, there is no ceiling for what our students will accomplish.

The second lesson I have learned is that kids don't really care how much you know, until they know how much you care. It is our job as a school to build a community where there are no invisible kids and each student knows that they are important. There must be a place where every student feels safe, has an adult to talk to, and knows that they can reach out to a mentor at any given time. When we establish a culture such as this, students feel free to explore, stretch themselves academically, and are willing to help one another accomplished goals.

The third and final lesson I have learned is that education is a process. With that in mind, it is our job to provide students with an environment that works through developmental stages over a four-years so they can gain the skills needed to graduate from high school. That means we must support them academically, provide a safe environment for social interactions, and teach behavior expectations so all students can grow and learn while at Barlow. We must understand that a fourteen-year-old freshman boy is going to learn a little different than a senior girl. We must understand that a sophomore girl is going to face challenges that a sophomore boy will be clueless about. Through this process, we need to rely upon the relationships we have formed with our students to guide them on this journey, all the while pushing them to exceed their own personal expectations.

As I think about this upcoming school year I can't convey in words how honored I am to serve as your principal and lead Sam Barlow High School. It is a great school, a great staff, and a great community that deserves the very best. While I will never claim to know it all, I will always work my hardest to provide the best experience I can for you and your students.

Bruce C. Schmidt, Jr.
Sam Barlow High School