New Health/Wellness Titles

  • May 2020

    Incarceration of Minors (Introducing Issues with Opposing Viewpoints Series)
    Phobias: When Fear Becomes Irrational (Diseases and Disorders Series)
    Quitting Smoking & Vaping (For Dummies Series)
    Teen Guide to Mental Health
    Teens and Vaping

    April 2020

    Fitness, Personal Care Services & Education (Careers in Demand for High School Graduates Series)
    LGBT Intolerance (Intolerance and Violence in Society Series)
    Living with Learning Disabilities and Disorders (Diseases and Disorders Series)
    Racial and Cultural Intolerance (Intolerance and Violence in Society Series)
    Religious Intolerance (Intolerance and Violence in Society Series)
    Understanding Personality Disorders (Diseases and Disorders Series)

    March 2020

    Dealing With Cyberbullying (Helping Yourself, Helping Others Series)
    Dealing With School Shootings (Helping Yourself, Helping Others Series)
    Dealing With Sexual Harassment (Helping Yourself, Helping Others Series)
    Dealing With Suicidal Thoughts (Helping Yourself, Helping Others Series)
    Drug Addiction and Substance Use Disorders (Diseases and Disorders Series)
    Gangs (Hot Topics Series)
    A Global History of Medicine
    Gun Control (Contemporary Issues Series)
    The Gun Control Debate: From Classrooms to Congress (Hot Topics Series)
    School Shootings and the Never Again Movement (21st-century Turning Points Series)

    February 2020

    Abortion in the United States: A Reference Handbook (Contemporary World Issues Series)
    Anorexia and Bulimia: Dangerous Eating Disorders (Diseases and Disorders Series)
    Cell Phone Addiction (Emerging Issues in Public Health Series)
    Dealing With Eating Disorders (Helping Yourself, Helping Others Series)
    Everything You Need to Know about Smoking, Vaping, and Your Health (The Need to Know Library Series)
    Living with ADHD (Diseases and Disorders Series)

    January 2020

    Autism and Other Developmental Disorders (Living with Diseases and Disorders Series)
    Cloning (Great Discoveries in Science Series)
    I Never Called it Rape: The Ms. Report on Recognizing, Fighting, and Surviving Date and Acquaintance Rape
    Organ Transplants (Great Discoveries in Science Series)

    December 2019

    Migraines: Managing Severe Headaches (Disease and Disorders Series)
    Skin Cancer: America's Most Common Cancer (Disease and Disorders Series)

    November 2019

    LGBTQ: The Survival Guide for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Teens

    October 2019

    Alcohol Abuse (eBook)
    Are You Being Abused? (eBook)
    Coming Out and Seeking Support (eBook)
    Coping With Sexual Harassment (eBook)
    Coping With Teen Pregnancy (eBook)
    Dating Violence (eBook)
    Everything You Need to Know About Smoking, Vaping and Your Health (eBook)
    High: Everything You Need to Know About Drugs, Alcohol, and Addiction (eBook)
    I Am Addicted to Drugs. What Now? (eBook)
    I Am Homeless. What Now? (eBook)
    I Have an Eating Disorder. Now What? (eBook)
    I Have Been Raped. Now What? (eBook)
    I'm an Undocumented Immigrant, Now What? (eBook)
    I'm Suicidal, Now What? (eBook)
    Living in a Violent Household (eBook)
    Sexual Assault and Abuse (eBook)
    Stalking (eBook)
    Surviving Bullies and Mean Teens (eBook)

    September 2019

    Abusive Relationships and Domestic Violence (Hot Topics Series)
    Asthma: The Struggle to Breathe (Diseases and Disorders Series)
    Living with Allergies (Diseases and Disorders Series)
    Masculinity in the Twenty-First Century (Introducing Issues with Opposing Viewpoints Series)
    Skin Conditions: From Acne to Eczema (Diseases and Disorders Series)
    Teens and Alcohol: A Dangerous Combination (Hot Topics Series)


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