New Science/Technology/Math Titles

  • February 2020

    Alternative Energy Sources: The End of Fossil Fuels? (Hot Topics Series)
    Asteroids, Meteors, Meteorites, and Comets (The Universe and Our Place In It Series)
    The Climate Change Crisis (Hot Topics Series)
    Deserts (World's Biomes Series)
    Everything You Need to Know about Smoking, Vaping, and Your Health (The Need to Know Library Series)
    Genetic Engineering and Genetically Modified Organisms (Hot Topics Series)
    Gorillas (Animals in the Wild Series)
    Grasslands (World's Biomes Series)
    Human Cloning (Sci-Fi or STEM?)
    Hunting (Introducing Issues with Opposing Viewpoints Series)
    The Inner Planets (The Universe and Our Place In It Series)
    Living with ADHD (Diseases and Disorders Series)
    The Milky Way and Other Galaxies (The Universe and Our Place In It Series)
    Monkeys and Apes (Animals in the Wild Series)
    The Outer Planets (The Universe and Our Place In It Series)
    Plate Tectonics (Great Discoveries in Science Series)
    Snakes and Other Reptiles and Amphibians (DK Smithsonian Nature Guide Series)
    Stars and Nebulae (The Universe and Our Place In It Series)
    The Sun and the Origins of the Solar System (The Universe and Our Place In It Series)
    Thinking Critically: Electric Cars (Thinking Critically Series)
    Wetlands (World's Biomes Series)

    January 2020

    5 Steps to a 5: AP Biology 2020 (2 copies)
    Autism and Other Developmental Disorders (Living with Diseases and Disorders Series)
    Cracking the AP Biology Exam: 2020 edition (2 copies)
    Oxford Atlas of the World
    Cloning (Great Discoveries in Science Series)
    The Great Depression and the New Deal: America's Economy in Crisis (Milestones in American History Series)
    The Greta Thunberg Story: Being Different is a Superpower
    Homeland Security: A Reference Handbook (Contemporary World Issues Series)
    Organ Transplants (Great Discoveries in Science Series)
    Robots: A Reference Handbook (Contemporary World Issues Series)
    Spaceflight: The Complete Story, From Sputnik to Curiosity
    A Street Cat Named Bob: And How He Saved Me

    December 2019

    Galileo: Watcher of the Skies
    Migraines: Managing Severe Headaches (Disease and Disorders Series)
    Skin Cancer: America's Most Common Cancer (Disease and Disorders Series)
    Steve Jobs: A Biography

    November 2019

    Bears (Animals in the Wild Series)
    Reader's Digest North American Wildlife: An Illustrated Guide to 2,000 Plants and Animals

    October 2019

    And Then You're Dead: What really happens if you get swallowed by a whale, are shot from a cannon, or go barreling over Niagara
    Soonish: Ten Emerging Technologies That'll Improve and/or Ruin Everything

    September 2019

    Animal Rights: A Complex Debate (Hot Topics Series)
    Asthma: The Struggle to Breathe (Diseases and Disorders Series)
    Biological Weapons: Using Nature to Kill (Hot Topics Series)
    Living with Allergies (Diseases and Disorders Series)
    Oceans (World's Biomes Series)
    Rainforests (World's Biomes Series)
    Skin Conditions: From Acne to Eczema (Diseases and Disorders Series)
    Teens and Alcohol: A Dangerous Combination (Hot Topics Series)

    June 2019

    Don't Call Me Crazy: 33 Voices Start the Conversation About Mental Health
    Elephants (Animals in the Wild Series)
    Food Safety (Know Your Food Series)
    Girl Code: Gaming, Going Viral, and Getting It Done
    Pandas (Animals in the Wild Series
    The Paris Climate Agreement (Special Reports Series)
    The Popular Science Inventor's Manual
    Russian Hacking in American Elections (Special Reports Series)

    May 2019

    Cats (National Geographic for Kid Readers Series)
    Farm Animals (National Geographic for Kid Readers Series)
    Food and Nutrition: What Everyone Needs to Know
    Guinness World Records 2019: Gamer's Edition
    Net Neutrality: Seeking a Free and Fair Internet (Looking Forward Series)

    April 2019

    Bringing Back Our Oceans (Conservation Success Stories Series)
    Hacking and Data Privacy: How Exposed are We? (Looking Forward Series)
    Health Care: Limits, Laws and Lives at Risk (Hot Topics Series)
    How Cars Work
    How to Build a Universe: From the Big Bang to the End of the Universe
    Reuse It: The History of Modern Recycling (History of Conservation: Preserving Our Planet Series)
    The Role of Science in Public Policy (At Issue Series)
    Wind, Waves and the Sun: The Rise of Alternative Energy (History of Conservation: Preserving Our Planet Series)
    The World's Oceans: Geography, History and Environment

    March 2019

    A Beautiful Mind: A Biography of John Forbes Nash, Jr., Winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, 1994
    Moby Dick: An Ocean Primer

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