New Science/Technology/Math Titles

  • May 2022

    12th Hour (DVD)
    Are Smartphones Too Distracting? (Smartphones and Society Series)
    Bubonic Plague and the Black Death (Historic Pandemics and Plagues Series)
    Handling ADHD (Handling Health Challenges Series)
    Handling Cancer (Handling Health Challenges Series)
    Handling Obesity (Handling Health Challenges Series)
    Helping Animals (Careers Making a Difference Series)
    Helping Those With Disabilities (Careers Making a Difference Series)
    Helping Those With Mental Illness (Careers Making a Difference Series)
    Helping To Protect the Environment (Careers Making a Difference Series)
    Infectious Disease Prevention: Protecting Public Health (Understanding Infectious Diseases Series)
    Inventing Tomorrow: The Future is Brighter Than You Think (DVD)
    Metropolis: A History of the City, Humankind's Greatest Invention
    Ocean Animals Collection (National Geographic Kids Readers Series)
    The Planets (DVD)
    Science and the Skeptic: Discerning Fact from Fiction
    Social Media and Modern Society (Special Reports Series)
    Social Media Marketing All-In-One for Dummies (For Dummies Series)
    Social Media's Star Power: The New Celebrities and Influencers
    Waves: A Very Short Introduction
    When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions (DVD)
    Where Have All the Birds Gone? Nature in Crisis

    April 2022

    Amazon (Tech Titans Series)
    America's Mental Health Crisis (Current Controversies Series)
    COVID-19 and Other Pandemics (At Issue: Health Series)
    First Big Book of Science (National Geographic Kids Series)
    Facebook (Tech Titans Series)
    Food Allergies: A Growing Problem (Nutrition and Health Series)
    Google (Tech Titans Series)
    The HIV/AIDS Pandemic (Historic Pandemics and Plagues Series)
    Katherine Johnson
    Marie Curie: The Pioneer, the Nobel Laureate, the Discoverer of Radioactivity (Pioneers of Science Series)
    Microsoft (Tech Titans Series)
    My Remarkable Journey: A Memoir (Katherine Johnson)
    Reaching for the Moon: The Autobiography of NASA Mathematician Katherine Johnson
    The Science of Infectious Diseases (Understanding Infectious Diseases Series)
    The Science of Vaccines (Understanding Infectious Diseases Series)
    The Vaccine Debate (Health and Medical Issues Today Series)
    Vaccine Wars: When Science and Politics Collide

    March 2022

    AI, Robots, and the Future of the Human Race (Introducing Issues with Opposing Viewpoints Series)
    Automation of Labor (Opposing Viewpoints Series)
    Environmental Catastrophe (Current Controversies Series)
    Heroin Risks (Drug Risks Series)
    Methamphetamine Risks (Contemporary Issues Series)

    February 2022

    AP Biology Prep 2022 (2 copies)
    Apple (Tech Titans Series)
    Attacks on Science (Current Controversies Series)

    January 2022

    Lost Animals: Extinct, Endangered, and Rediscovered Species
    Merriam Webster's Medical Dictionary
    Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary

    December 2021

    First Big Book of Birds (National Geographic Kids Series)
    First Big Book of Things That Go (National Geographic Kids Series)
    Stephen Hawking: The Man, the Genius and the Theory of Everything
    Subways in Action (Transportation Series)

    November 2021

    AP Chemistry Premium Prep (4 copies)
    The Cat Encyclopedia: The Definitive Visual Guide
    The Climate Change Debate: A Reference Handbook
    Digital Photography for Dummies
    The Driving Book: Everything New Drivers Need to Know but Don't Know to Ask
    First Big Book of Animals
    The Risks of Fentanyl and Other Opioids (Drug Ricks Series)

    October 2021

    The Arctic (What Everyone Needs to Know Series)
    Oceans for Dummies
    Troubleshooting & Maintaining PCs All in One for Dummies
    Viruses: A Very Short Introduction
    What are the Dangers of On-line Scams (Issues Today Series)
    The World's Wildfires (Special Reports Series)

    September 2021

    Animal Testing (Introducing Issues with Opposing Viewpoints Series)
    Coding All-In-One for Dummies
    Weather for Dummies

    June 2021

    Addiction: A Problem of Epidemic Proportions

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