Web Research Links

  • Great websites for research and reading!


    OSLIS – Link to the Oregon State Library Information System and all their great research resources!

    Multnomah County Library – Link to the Multnomah County Library website and their resources.

    Gale PowerSearch Research Databases – Full access to great research databases of magazines, journals and e-book content. Articles can be instantly converted into one of nearly 40 different languages including Spanish, Russian, Chinese and many others. The system can also read the article aloud in any language! If you are at school you should get instant access to the menu of database choices. If you are not at school, you will get a login screen that asks you for a password. Contact Mr. Wong or the Library staff for the remote access password for this database.

    Infoplease.com – An on-line almanac, reference tools …etc…

    CIA World Factbook – Link to the CIA’s database for information on the countries of the world.

    How Stuff Works – Link to a site that concisely explains science, tech, history and other concepts.

    Science Daily – A useful website that covers science and technology news and research.

    Teens Health - A website that provides great advice about teen health issues, fitness and staying safe.

    Biography.com – The Biography Channel’s website. Contains concise bios of 1000’s of famous people.

    CNN.com – Link to the CNN on-line news site.

    BBC News
    – Link to world news from the British Broadcasting Corporation.

    Oregon Live – Link to local news and weather from The Oregonian newspaper service.

    The Bruin Banner
    - Our school's very own trusted source on the most important goings on in the Barlow universe. If you need information on what matters most to Barlow students as reported by Barlow students, this is your one-stop reliable source! Check this student news site periodically for regular updates on-line.

    Goodreads.com - Link to a website for people who love reading! Features book reviews, best reading lists, reader groups and discussions, genre recommendations and much more for the avid reader. Check out the young adult specific Goodreads Addicted to YA Group!

    OSLIS Citation Maker  – A great website that will help you to make citations for your research papers.

    Merriam-Webster Dictionary/Thesaurus – An on-line dictionary and thesaurus.

    Bing.com – Looking for something and can't find it using Google? Try this alternate Internet search engine!


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