Homework Policy

  • Every Thursday your child will be receiving weekly homework.  All students, grades K-5, will receive and turn in homework sheets on Thursdays.  Student participation will be reflected on the report card. This is a way for us to communicate with parents if his/her child is turning in his/her homework.  Homework will usually consist of nightly reading (we recommend at least 15+ minutes of reading a night / 5+ times a week), one math worksheet and a choice of 2 or more other activities listed on the homework grid. 
    MATH:  Every homework week, students will receive a math worksheet that will either reinforce the mathematic concepts taught during the week, or review prior math concepts that they have learned.
    READING:  Daily reading at home will be an important part of your child's third grade reading program.  As you may know, every minute your child spends with a book brings him or her closer to becoming a proficient reader. 
    Your child will be selecting a “Just Right” book from either our classroom or school library for reading at home.  We recommend that your child read for at least 15+ minutes (5+ times each week) and to carry the book back and forth to school each day in their book bag or homework folder.  Your child will be expected to take good care of this book.  There may be a fine for severely damaged or lost books. 
    After your child has read their “Just Right” book for the day, you or your child can color the stack of books for that day on the homework sheet.   You and your child can choose which days of the week you would like to read.  We have been covering how to choose a “Just Right” book in class and I will provide questions in their homework folders to help students choose “Just Right” books.  Please feel free to use any books that you have at home if they are “Just Right” for your child.
    Thank you in advance for making sure that your child completes their homework and returns their reading books daily.  Homework is a great way to teach students responsibility and will reinforce concepts that are taught during the school day.