Earth & Space Science - John McBride

  • Instructor: John McBride

    In Earth and Space Science students use science and engineering practices to deepen their understanding of crosscutting concepts that are fundamental to all science and engineering fields. Students will also develop their understanding of the core ideas in earth and space science by trying to figure out answers to the following questions:

    • What is the universe, and what is Earth’s place in it?
    • How and why is Earth constantly changing?
    • How do Earth’s surface processes and human activities affect each other?


    Student Grade


    1. Task” scores

    Each topic will have multiple tasks like those previously shown. Tasks are scored and recorded online through Google Classroom as follows:
    • 1 = Meeting, 0.5 = Progressing, 0 = Not attempted/missing


    1. Topic” scores

    Topic scores are recorded online through Synergy (StudentVUE and ParentVUE).
    • Your task score/total tasks = Topic score (%)


    1. Final letter grade

    Your final class grade is the average of all topic scores you earn during the semester.