Volunteer Programs

  • What opportunities can I choose from?

    There are plenty of opportunities to contribute. Learn more about some of the special programs that
    need help from volunteers like you...


    ASPIRE (Access to Student Assistance Programs In Reach of Everyone)

    Education Level: High School
    Program Sites: Sam Barlow High School and Springwater Trail High School

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    SUN (Schools Uniting Neighborhoods)

    Education Level: Elementary, Middle, and High School

    Program Sites: East Gresham, Hall, Highland, Hogan Cedars, Hollydale, Clear Creek, Dexter McCarty, Gordon Russell, Gresham High School

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    OASIS (Intergenerational Volunteer Reading Program)

    Education Level: Elementary (1st - 5th grade) Program Sites: Various elementary schools


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    SMART (Start Making A Reader Today)

    Education Level: Elementary (K - 3rd grade)
    Program Sites: Highland Elementary School

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    Schools (School Volunteer Programs)

    Education Level: All Grades
    Program Sites: All Schools

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    AARP Foundation Experience Corps After School Volunteer Mentors

    Education Level: K-3
    Program Sites: North Gresham Elementary and Hall Elementary

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