• At CCMS, Choir department focuses on developing students’ knowledge and skills in music literacy and performance. We use the Common Core Speaking and Listening and National Association for Music Education Standards as our curriculum. The curriculum resource students use as a reference is Essential Musicianship and an S-Cubed Sight Reading Program.

    Common instructional strategies applied in our curriculum area are AVID WICOR, visual/graphic organizers. District choir teachers collaboratively review data to identify areas to reteach or differentiate and plan instruction and assessments in Professional Learning Teams during weekly late start professional development.

    Student assessments provide students and parents information about meeting proficiency standards to chart progress towards high school graduation standards. In Choir, we use written work samples, quizzes both auditory and written performance-based assessments in addition to GBSD written assessments.

    Technology is an important tool in teaching and learning, and we use Google Classroom, Recorder app, Google Apps, Tenuto and other apps when equipment allows. Digital citizenship is also important, and we emphasize safe and secure use, care for equipment, appropriate use.

    Students are consistently exposed to and expected to develop self-management skills through the use of folder care, vocal care, and general body awareness as it applies to singing, and following the acceptable classroom, procedures to improve time management, responsibility, and organization.

    At CCMS, we believe the purpose of homework should be for students to practice skills, review what they have learned in class, and provide staff, students, and parents/guardians with evidence of individual student progress. Examples of homework in our curriculum department are practice cards, repertoire and vocal warm-up practice with pre-recorded tracks in google classroom.