• At CCMS, the health department focuses on developing students’ knowledge and skills in promoting lifelong habitual exercise and health practice. We use the National Health Education Standards according to Oregon Department of Education, NASPE and SHAPE America’s National Health standards as our curriculum. The curriculum resource students use as reference are embedded within the curriculum through multifaceted curriculum units or can be found through SHAPE America or the ODE reference site.

    Common instructional strategies applied in our curriculum area are comprehensive notes, group/ team roles that align with opportunity for leadership, and the use of technology for research. Teachers review data to identify areas to reteach or differentiate and plan instruction and assessments in Professional Learning Teams during weekly late start professional development.

    Student assessments provide students and parents information about meeting proficiency standards to chart progress towards high school graduation standards. In Health, we use standard focused written/ multiple choice assessments.

    Technology is an important tool in teaching and learning, and we use google apps and students have access to research content during units. Digital citizenship is also important, and we emphasize productive, professional, and appropriate use of all technology to ensure safety and equity for all.

    Students are consistently exposed to and expected to develop self-management skills through the use of binders, notebooks, planners, and sometimes tech to improve time management, responsibility, and organization.

    Because of the nature of the PE/Health department and the rotation of students there is limited homework. Work will be given class time to be completed. A large amount of our class objectives in health surround communication and team based objective, students must learn to develop time management skills to complete tasks in class as a team. Homework will be assigned in situations of specific research, development, make up, or students that voluntarily want to go above and beyond the basic requirements for the assignment.