• At CCMS, our curriculum department focuses on developing students’ knowledge and skills in math computation with critical thinking. We use the Common Core State Mathematics Standards as our curriculum. The curriculum resource students use as a reference is Ready with an online component called i-Ready.

    Common instructional strategies applied in our curriculum area are Interactive Notebooks. Teachers review data to identify areas to reteach or differentiate and plan instruction and assessments in Professional Learning Teams during weekly late start professional development.

    Student assessments provide students and parents information about meeting proficiency standards to chart progress towards high school graduation standards. In our curriculum department, we use lesson quizzes, unit assessments, and i-Ready growth monitoring.

    Technology is an important tool in teaching and learning, and we use i-Ready and video clips. Digital citizenship is also important, and every Wednesday we use Google Chromebooks in the classroom for access to i-Ready for individualized instruction and assessment. We emphasize that students treat these mobile labs with care and respect given that our parent association and student council has helped provide use with this wonderful access to technology.

    Students are consistently exposed to and expected to develop self-management skills through the use of planners and binders to improve time management, responsibility, and organization.

    At CCMS, we believe the purpose of homework should be for students to practice skills, review what they have learned in class, and provide staff, students, and parents/guardians with evidence of individual student progress. Examples of homework in our curriculum department are weekly homework packets that coincide with the lesson. Students follow the Think-Share-Compare model that allows them time individually, then working with partners, followed up with whole group discussions.