• PE - Physical Education

    At CCMS, the PE department focuses on developing students’ knowledge and skills in Lifetime sports and activities and individual physical fitness. We use the current Oregon Physical Education standards as our curriculum. The curriculum resource students use as reference regarding individual fitness levels is the Presidential Youth Fitness Program.

    Common instructional strategies applied in PE include modeling of skills and continuous practice. Teachers review data and skill development to identify areas to reteach or differentiate and plan instruction and assessments in Professional Learning Teams in bi-monthly teacher collaboration late start days.

    Student assessments provide students and parents information about meeting proficiency standards to chart progress towards high school graduation standards. In PE, we use citizenship, sportsmanship, effort and class preparedness.

    Students are consistently exposed to and expected to develop self-management skills through being prepared, dressing down, respect for each other, being a good teammate, working well with others to improve time management, responsibility, and organization.

    At CCMS, we believe the purpose of homework should be for students to practice skills, review what they have learned in class, and provide staff, students, and parents/guardians with evidence of individual student progress. Examples of homework in PE include working toward and completing personal fitness goals.