Interpretation and Translation

  • Our district is committed to providing all parents access to their student’s education regardless of their home language. Using information provided by parents during the registration process we identify the
    most appropriate language for home communications.

    Based on the number of Spanish speaking and Russian and Ukrainian speaking families in our district, we employ bilingual community liaisons to facilitate two-way communication and active engagement. In addition, we access telephonic language interpretation and schedule outside interpreters as needed to support families from all language backgrounds.

    To the right is a list of our Spanish speaking liaisons, their contact information, and the schools they support.

    La lista a la derecha muestra los nombres, correos electronicos y números de teléfono de los enlaces comunitarios quienes hablan Español y las escuelas que cada enlace apoya.

Communication Support in Other Languages

  • Our schools and district offices utilize telephonic and online interpretation and can also make arrangements for in person interpretation in other languages. Please contact your student's school if you need interpretation support in another language.

Enlaces Comunitarios

  • Patricia Rodarte 
    Sam Barlow High School,
    East Orient, West Orient MS, and
    Deep Creek Damascus

    503-258-4875, extension 4875

    Luisa Rivera
    Gresham High School,
    Springwater Trail High School, and
    Adult Living Program

    503-674-5500, extension 3445

    Patricia Birrueta
    Clear Creek MS,
    Highland, North Gresham, and

    503-492-6700, extension 3219

    Edgar Sanchez
    Gordon Russell MS,
    Powell Valley, Kelly Creek, and Hall

    503-667-6900, extension 3169

    Mariana Galicia Arroyo
    Dexter McCarty MS,
    West Gresham, East Gresham, and
    Hogan Cedars

    503-665-0148, extension 3604

    Karen Galicia Arroyo
    Student Support Services


    Federal Programs Community Liaison