• March 2019

    Aesop reminders and tips

    • Please remember that before you assign a substitute to an absence, you must have communicated with the sub and confirmed that they are able to take the job. Not doing so can result in a "no show" sub situation through no fault of the substitute.  
    • As we move in to spring, the sub pool tends to shrink, so please remember to enter your absences as soon as possible.  While we know that illness can come on quickly, absences entered on the day they are occurring rarely get filled which places your students and fellow staff members in a difficult situation.  
    • Aesop Log-In Tip:  If you have difficulty logging into Aesop and you are certain you are using the correct username and password, trying clearly the browsing history on your computer.  If that doesn't work, try a different browser.  The majority of the time, one or the other of those will fix the problem.
    • Please note: In the event of inclement weather closures, HR staff will make adjustments to previously entered absences, including illness and leaves of absence.   Please allow one week for the adjustment to be made before checking your leave balances.