• March 2019

    Collaboration Grant Logo Design Contest Winner


    Congratulations to student Ian McMurray from Gresham High School for having his design selected as the winning design from among 38 submissions for the GBSD Collaboration Grant Logo Design Contest! Ian is a busy and accomplished student: in addition to being a skilled graphic designer, he is a full time student athlete, an IB student, and a member of both Concert Choir and Wind Symphony, in which he was selected as one of four horn players for the All-Northwest Honor Ensemble. Ian had this to say about his logo design:

    "Description: The logo resembles a rock skipping across the water leaving ripples upon impact. This image embodies the goals of the Collaboration Grant by which the rock movement symbolizes the further thinking and future growth of the teachers and members involved in the organization. In addition, the multiple ripples are the effects of the grant around the district."

    Regarding Ian’s design process, Gresham High School’s CTE Department Chair, and Graphic Design teacher, Brad Cook, says, “His ability to develop and design a holistic concept that worked for a vastly diverse population demonstrates his ability to think not only creatively, but critically as well.”

    Thank you, Ian, and thank you to all of our student designers! Through running this contest, we have seen firsthand that our district has so many talented students and supportive design teachers.

    Logo Finalists

    Thank you to the 38 students from Gresham High School, Sam Barlow High School, and Springwater Trail High School who submitted logo designs. We selected 5 finalists and provided feedback on how they could modify the design to best represent the work of the GBSD Collaboration Grant. From these resubmissions, we selected the winning design.

    Below are the five logo designs that were selected as finalists. Congratulations to these hard-working student graphic designers!

    Gentry, Aiden      Aiden Gentry Sam Barlow High School


    Vandermeer, Gabriel     Gabriel Vandermeer Sam Barlow High School


    Craun, Makena    Makena Craun Sam Barlow High School


    CollaborationGBSDLogo   Ian McMurray Gresham High School


    akfjls     Connor Henkle Gresham High School