• March 2019

    Supt Perera

    Superintendent's Message

    Our work to #BuildGBSDPVESvisitone

    Dear Staff,

    Exciting and groundbreaking work is taking place this spring as we #BuildGBSD! Our Construction Pilot Project will lay the foundation for the Gresham-Barlow School District to expand its career pathways for students preschool to postsecondary!

    Executive Director of Innovation and Partnerships Carla Gay and Career Technical Education Coordinator Sarah Dorn are working with school bond construction partners Lease Crutcher Lewis and Fortis Construction, as well as education non-profit IN4ALL and Associated General Contractors to create an industry - educator exchange, which will form the basis of what we’re calling the “Construction Pilot Project.”

    In addition to industry, teachers at all levels have stepped up and are playing a critical role in this project.

    Powell Valley Elementary School 4th grade teacher Doug RSBHSConstruction obertson, Gordon Russell Middle School 8th grade teacher Greg Gonzalez, and Sam Barlow High School marketing teacher Anita Lamoureux and construction teacher Josh Pikop, are leading the effort at their schools.

    Each educator-industry team is creating a construction-based, design-oriented project which will allow them to test a theory around template development while giving their students an opportunity to showcase their experiences. The students will share project outcomes and what they learned in May or June of this year. I can’t wait to see the how their design thinking and creative problem solving come together to create real world products!   

    The Construction Pilot Project and expansion of our career pathways will allow us to inspire and empower each student we serve. We are committed to expanding access and opportunity for all of our students as we prepare them for their transition to the world after high school.


    When all is said and done, we will know we’ve achieved our goals if our students are able to connect their learning to real-world experiences, envision and plan for their future, and graduate with the skills necessary to become successful adults. Watch for future updates on the Construction Pilot Project and the expansion of our career pathways as we move forward! 


    A. Katrise Perera, Ed.D.

    Superintendent of Schools