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    Discover Destiny Discover 

    A new library management system will greet educators and students next school year.

    The Gresham-Barlow Education Foundation provided 100% of the funding for the purchase of a new library management system – Destiny Discover.

    Destiny is a robust system that will connect every library in the district into one centrally managed platform.  An increase in efficiency for school media specialists and librarians is one benefit of the upgraded system.  The new system will automate processing and cataloging allowing more time to work with students on reading level book selection and reading comprehension.

    For example, when a book is overdue, an email is automatically sent to the teacher and parent to notify them of the lapse. 

    Educators will appreciate being able to curate collections of material on a variety of subjects using a wide range of resources. 

    Websites, magazine articles, eBooks and physical books can all be compiled into a collection.  Once created, collections can be shared with any educator in the district. 

    For students, a visual interface will allow them to browse for books using a variety of filters such as favorite genre, newest books, or the most popular books.

    Destiny Discover provides 24/7 mobile access to library resources with a consistent user experience across all devices.

    Increasing literacy access and reading support have been two of the education foundations focus areas for 25 years.  Destiny Discover is the latest in their efforts to provide opportunities for students to increase access to books, eBooks and reading assistance.