• May 2019Laptop with a padlock on the screen

    Technology security tip

    Lock your screen before you walk away!

    Leaving your computer, tablet or phone unattended and unlocked can have dangerous consequences. Failing to lock your screen can open you (and your data) up to several serious vulnerabilities.

    The Gresham-Barlow School District configures staff computers to automatically lock your screen with a screen saver after a certain amount of inactivity, but it only takes a few minutes for someone to take advantage of an open screen, so please don't rely on your screen auto locking. If you know you are leaving your computer unattended, please lock the screen before you go.

    Here are a few actions unscrupulous individuals can do when you leave your computer, tablet or phone unlocked and unattended:

    • Files can be downloaded from the internet and executed on your computer, such as malware, spyware, keyloggers, and other types of malicious software.
    • Emails can be sent from your email address to coworkers, your boss, or other contacts.
    • If you save passwords in your browser (another no-no), they now have access to your online banking, social media, and other accounts.

    Locking your computer screen before you get up from your desk is simple and can prevent you from ending up in a bad situation.


    Here is an easy way you can lock your computer:

    For your Apple computer:

    • Press control + command + Q at the same time on your keyboard to instantly lock your screen.
    • Also, you can set up "hot corners" which allow you to push your cursor to a certain corner of your screen to lock the computer. This can be set up under System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver then choosing Hot Corners.

    Get in the habit of locking your screen. If nothing else, it will prevent coworkers from sending prank emails from your account!  If you feel your computer is not setup properly for screen locking, or you need help, please contact the Gresham-Barlow Technology Help Desk (during normal school hours) for assistance (503) 258-4755.