• May 2019Cartoon sun with a smile

    AESOP Awareness

    Spring is here, and when the sun is out the sub pool tends to shrink, so please remember to enter your absences as soon as possible.   In April there were 9 days that we had over 100 absences that were filled, which is a great fill number, but still had 15-20+ jobs that went unfilled.  Of those unfilled, a large number were called in that morning.  On Monday, April 29th, we filled 90 absences, but 32 went unfilled, again with a good number called in that morning. While we know that illness can come on quickly, especially with children, absences entered on the morning of the day they are occurring rarely get filled, which places your students and fellow staff members in a difficult situation.  

    When entering an absence in Aesop for Professional leave, please include in the “notes” a brief description of your professional activity for the day, i.e. AVID training, Reading workshop, Mandt training, Site visit, etc.    This will assist greatly in assigning the correct budget code to your substitute. Thank you.