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    Marriage and enrolling new dependents

    Are you planning on getting married this summer? If so, please remember that you only have 31 days to enroll dependents due to this life-changing event. If you choose to wait until open enrollment in August/September to add dependents to your dental coverage that became eligible prior to the new plan year, they will be limited to preventive dental exams and cleanings for the first 12 months of coverage. The same rules also apply if you or a dependent were covered under an insurance plan outside the district and lose that health coverage. If the loss of coverage effective date is September 1,  choosing to enroll in coverage during the open enrollment window will cause a lapse in coverage as plan changes made during this time have an October 1 start date. For questions regarding insurance enrollment outside of open enrollment, please contact Lisa Snider, HR Specialist at 503-261-4560.