GBSD Special Education Procedures Manual & Resource Guide

  • The 2019-20 Special Education Procedures Manual is currently under construction. Once completed, users will be able to refer to each of the various sections below for additional information. Notations will be made next to each applicable section when they are posted. 


    Includes procedures manual cover, GBSD Student Support Services introduction and notation of any procedural or resource changes.

    Section 1- Paperwork Checklist

    Includes checklists for evaluation & eligibility, IEP, and placement, IEP revisions, move-in students (in state and out of state, etc.

    Section 2 - Child Find

    Includes information on child find, special education referrals, disproportionality, and links to forms and resources.

    Section 3 - Evaluation and Re-evaluation

    Includes information on evaluation and re-evaluation procedures and timelines, and links to forms and resources.

    Section 4 - Special Education Eligibility Requirements

    Includes general information about eligibility and eligibility procedures. For each specific category, includes definition, criteria for eligibility, information specific to that disability, evaluation requirements, useful links, and eligibility checklists.

    Section 5 - Independent Educational Evaluation

    Includes the district’s procedures for independent educational evaluations (IEEs), minimum criteria related to location, qualifications and cost and a resource list of IEE providers.

    Section 6 - IEP and Placement

    Includes the purpose of an IEP, IEP meeting timelines and participants, excusal of required team members, parent participation, IEP meeting process and documentation, IEP meeting preparation and facilitation, IEP content, placement determination and Least Restrictive Environment (LRE), and links to forms and resources.

    Section 7 - Physical Management (Toileting/Feeding)

    Includes information, protocols, and resources related to feeding and toileting assistance for students.

    Section 8 -  Behavior & Discipline Procedures for Special Education Students

    Includes information on manifestation determination meetings, interim alternative educational services, protections for students not yet eligible for special education, the suspension for students with disabilities decision guidance, and a quick reference guide.

    Section 9 - Parent Notice, Consent/ Revocation and Parent ‐ District Agreements

    Includes information on Procedural Safeguards Notice, when parental consent is required, revocation of consent for special education services, Notice of Transfer of Rights, and when Prior Notice of Special Education Action forms must be used.

    Section 10 - Special Education Records

    Includes FERPA and IDEA provisions related to special education records, along with links to OR SPED and GBSD records management information.

    Section 11-  Extended School Year Services (Revised 07/2019)

    Includes district guidelines for Extended School Year (ESY) services along with forms, procedures, and timelines.

    Section 12 - Parents and Surrogate Parents

    Includes information on who can act as a parent in a special education meeting, when a surrogate parent must be appointed and procedures for the appointment of a surrogate parent.

    Section 13 - Private School Students

    Includes information pertaining to proportionate share, consultation with private schools about special education services, service plan, service logs, and a chart showing the allocation of responsibilities.

    Section 14 - Charter Schools and Special Education

    Includes procedures on serving special education students in charter schools located within Portland Public Schools boundaries.

    Section 15 - Homeschooling and Special Education

    Includes procedures on serving resident special education students who are homeschooled.

    Section 16 – Revocation of Services/Non-Enrollment

    Includes information and procedures for parents or adult students revoking special education services. Also includes information and procedures for students non-enrolled.

    Section 17 – Diplomas, Graduation, and Grading

    Includes guidance and procedures for student diploma and graduation options, as well as general guidance pertaining to grading students with disabilities.

     Section 18 - Move in Students

    Includes procedures for students moving from another district into GBSD and from out of state into GBSD.

    Section 19 – Para-educators [Under Development]

    Section 20 - Procedures for ELL Students/LEP Parents in Special Education

    Includes procedures for evaluation of ELL/emerging bilingual students, for communicating with limited English proficient (LEP) parents, for working with interpreters, and for accessing translation services. Also includes a list of key vocabulary in the five supported languages, an English-Spanish glossary of terms, and a summary of the procedural safeguards booklet for interpretation if necessary.

    Section 21 - State Assessments & Special Education

    Includes general information on Smarter Balanced Assessments, Oregon Accessibility Manual and the Extended Assessment. Also, includes guidance and information for determining students’ participation on state assessments and needed supports, as well as, procedures for documentation in the IEP.

    Section 22- Related Services

    Includes information and procedures on Assistive Technology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Columbia Regional Program; including referral guidelines, resources, and related forms.

    Section 23 - Alternative Settings

    Includes descriptions, information, and resources pertaining to alternative service settings such as district homebound instruction, homeschooled students with disabilities, tutoring, day and residential treatment programs, and GBSD’s Adult Living Program.  

    Section 24- Progress Monitoring

    Includes policies, guidance, and resources for the purposes of continuous, ongoing measurement of student functioning and progress towards IEP goals.

    Section 25- Roles & Responsibilities

    Includes a description, list of roles and responsibilities, and useful information for various Student Support Services teams and positions.

    Section 26 - Mental Health

    Includes descriptions, information and resources pertaining to Mental Health.

    Section 27 - Restraint & Seclusion

    Includes policies, guidelines and resources regarding restraint and seclusion.

    Section 28 - Early Childhood

    Includes descriptions, information and resources pertaining to Early Childhood Evaluations


    Includes a variety of miscellaneous resources, supports or tools.