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    If you are looking for great reads, take a look at our GHS Library eBook and eAudiobook offerings through MackinVIA, our eBook provider. We have hundreds of great popular fiction titles in this system from authors like Stephen King, Lauren Kate, Matt de la Pena and many more. There are also select non-fiction titles to support teen health and wellness.

    In addition to our normal eBook offerings, Mackin has temporarily added hundreds of extra titles for free! These are mostly nonfiction books (history, science, biographies, career ...etc...), young adult novels and classic novels like Frankenstein, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Pride and Prejudice.

    To access all of these eBooks simply open this link and follow the instructions below:

    1.) Type in our school's name on line one and select our school.

    2.) Type in your school Google name on line two. (The same one you use to log-on to your school Google account (ex. bates15)

    3.) Type in your school Google password on line three. (The same one you use to log-on to your school Google account)

    When you have finished with an eBook that you have checked out, log back in to your MackinVIA account and return the eBook so the next person can use it. Checkout periods are 21 days and you can renew up to two times through MackinVIA as well.

    Using and Downloading MackinVIA eBooks on a Mobile Device

    To use your own eReader, smartphone or tablet, download the MackinVIA eReader app. To find and download the correct eReader App for your device, click on this link and then scroll down to the App links that you need:

    With this app you can log-in to your MackinVIA account and read, checkout and download eBooks following the log-in process shown above. When connected to MackinVIA, you can browse our electronic collection, preview our eBooks and manage your MackinVIA account. The MackinVIA app will also work as a permanent quick link to our electronic collection!


    Image of Multnomah County Library Logo

    Multnomah County Library offers many tens of thousands of eBook and eAudiobook titles covering all subjects and interests. You must have an active MCL account to use these eBooks, but this can be done on-line now. For more info on how to get your own permanent/personal MCL account go to:



    Image of Project Gutenberg Icon

    Project Gutenberg is a free eBook source that shares nearly 62,000 eBook titles from across the globe and in many languages. It offers a variety of download formats (Kindle, pdfs ...etc...) to choose from. Being public domain, these are generally classic titles like novels from Arthur Conan Doyle, Jane Austen, Mary Shelley and the like. To search their on-line catalog click on this link:




    Image of Gale PowerSearch icon

    Gale PowerSearch gives you full access to great research databases of magazines, journals and eBook content. All of the millions of available articles can be instantly converted into one of nearly 40 different languages including Spanish, Russian, Chinese and many others. The system can also read the article aloud in any language! If you are at school you should get instant access to the menu of database choices. If you are not at school, you will get a login screen that asks you for a password. Contact Mr. Wong or the Library staff for the remote access password for this database.



    Image of Salem Press Icon

    Salem Press is a fantastic on-line eBook database for any history, literature or science research project. It contains concise and scholarly articles on thousands of significant events, people and themes from American and world history. It also includes thousands of critical essays that examine the most significant novels available in English. Finally, you'll also find great reference works on scientific principles and fields of study including biology, chemistry, ecology, physical science and physics. If you need quick and reliable historical, English literature or scientific information, use this database! The remote password for Salem Press is gresham.



    Image of Learning Express Library Icon

    Learning Express Library is a great free college, career and study resource for Oregon students. You can find on-line practice PSAT/SAT/ACT tests, college essay and application help, e-books on careers, resources for improving study and math/writing/science skills and much more. You need to create your own account to access this tremendous resource, but it's simple and easy to do!



     Image of logo connects students on-line with professional tutors in live homework help sessions for free. They can specifically help you with any level of Math, Social Studies, English Language Arts or Spanish homework. This service is provided by Multnomah County Library and operates from 2:00PM to 10:00PM everyday of the week. Here is the link to this resource:
    Students need to have an active Multnomah County Library account to use this service. You can sign up with this link to get a MCL account if you don't already have one: 

    Image of Science Reference Center logo
    EBSCO Science eBooks
    provides access to hundreds of popular science and technology eBooks in full text. Titles cover such topics as climate change, physical science, robotics, geology and much more. To use this eBook database click on the link below and enter the login and passwords provided.

    Login: greshamhs

    Password: trial!20




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