• March 27, 2020


    Message from the Superintendent for GBSD Staff

    We are ONE...Team GBSD


    Team GBSD,

    The last two weeks have been some of the most challenging days of my career and I am sure you may be feeling the same. I am sure I would not have made it through without each of you. It was definitely Perera because we had to lean in to and lean on one another.  Truthfully, I continue to be humbled and grateful for the sense of urgency given to support our schools, staff, and students. WE ARE ONE.  

    COVID19 has proven that it cannot be contained.  It has proven to me that we truly need each other.  We all experience uncertainty, fear, pain, struggle, isolation, and vulnerability - no matter your birthplace.  For centuries and as much as we have tried, as a country, to differentiate ourselves or separate ourselves from others via --- exclusive clubs, border walls, gated communities, status, university mascots, addresses, fads, beliefs, melanin levels, or in this case hand sanitizers--WE ARE ONE.  

    Earlier this week - I shared a few excerpts from David Brooks of the NYT that I believe captures our plight forward. Here are a few poignant excerpts- “The great paradox is that we had to be set apart in order to feel together...It will require tenacious solidarity from all of us to endure the months ahead... The most relevant unit of society at the moment is the entire family.”  

    Most of the last two weeks - the obvious contradiction has been that we were forced to #StayHome but had to virtually #GoogleHangout to problem solve, develop guidelines, supplemental learning activities/PL, and employee expectations amidst a shared vulnerability. WE ARE ONE.  

    I have witnessed each of you extending grace that confirms our humanity. When one of us struggles - we all struggle.  When one of us succeeds - we all succeed. Most importantly, when one of us accepts the precautions of staying home, not touching our faces, washing our hands frequently, and respecting “physical or social” spacing — we help more than just those on our team.  We help people who we will never know nor see … proving once again that we are all in this together. 



    Yours in Education,

    Dr. A. Katrise Perera

    Superintendent of Schools