• August 12, 2020


    To: All GBSD Staff

    From: GBSD Deputy Superintendent James Hiu

    Title:Open Enrollment and GBSD Closing Date


    Dear Team GBSD Staff:

    I wanted to send a quick reminder that you will be receiving information in the next few days from our department regarding OEBB - Open Enrollment which begins on August 15th.  Please note that GBSD's closing date is September 2nd, which is not the date contained in the information that you received from OEBB.  It is important that the business services department have the information on our staff enrollment choices by that date in order to calculate the pool for each of our employee groups prior to posting the September payroll.
    Should you have any questions regarding insurance enrollment, please contact Jason Rieke, rieke@gresham.k12.or.us , or 503-261-4560.  Take care and be well folks!

    James Hiu

    Deputy Superintendent/HR

    Gresham-Barlow School District