•  December 29, 2020

    Dear GBSD Community,

     Prior to winter break, the district sent out a communication informing families that, school health safety metrics permitting, the GBSD would resume some level of in-person instruction February 1. 

    On Wednesday, December 23, Governor Brown announced that beginning January 1, the school health safety metrics for returning to in-person instruction will become advisory rather than mandatory. The Governor stated that moving forward, the decision to resume in-person instruction must be made locally, at the district level.

    We want you to know that following winter break - we will continue our preparation for resuming in-person instruction. We will review the latest school health safety metrics, and share a set of  re-opening options with our school board. Once the school board determines next steps, we will send out a communication with details. 

    Please know that as we work toward resuming in-person instruction we will continue to adhere to required health and safety protocols and will work closely with our local public health authority. Our top priority is to resume in-person instruction in a learning environment safe for students and staff.



    Gresham-Barlow School District