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    January 7, 2021


    A message from Superintendent of Schools Dr. A. Katrise Perera


    Dear GBSD Families,

    As you know, unimaginable events have unfolded in our nation's capital city - the very heart of our democracy and the citadel of liberty. As I have watched the videos and viewed the photos of what took place, I have experienced an array of emotions.   Supt

    Though not perfect - America has been the light of democracy for decades. Like you, I was saddened, angry, and confused about how this could happen in our country, and immediately was reminded that -- our children are watching and undoubtedly are scared.  Like you, I believe that our democracy is fragile and must be protected. Like you, I believe that we must have leaders who are dedicated to preserving our democracy.  Like you, I believe we can learn from our past and schools must continue to empower and engage our students with opportunities to seek peaceful solutions to the challenges of our global community. 

    I have shared with our school staff that, as educators, we have an awesome responsibility to our students to reassure, convey care, and attend to the well being of each of our students during this tumultuous moment in our nation’s history. Our students are watching our response and how we unite to move forward. We know that there is no perfect solution to moving forward as one - but it doesn't mean that we can't give it our best try.  

    Over time and more specifically - over the last 10-to-11 months, we have endured so many unprecedented challenges at every level and -- from sea to shining sea. It has been exhausting and most times overwhelming. Together we have worked through it all, and together, we can---prepare our students to be compassionate communicators, responsible creators, open-minded critical thinkers, globally aware community members, adaptable collaborators, and independent lifelong learners. We are not our past - but our students make up 100% of our future. 

    In closing, I would like to thank our families for their support and partnership during this challenging and unique time, by working together, great things happen for the students of our community. 

    Together we can!

    Yours in Education,


    Dr. A.K. Perera

    Superintendent of Schools