• January 26, 2021


    Overview of tri-county area plan to vaccinate school staff


    Dear GBSD Staff,

    Last Friday we shared the good news that our health partners will offer appointments to child care providers, early learning and K-12 staff starting January 27. There are approximately 40,000 K-12 employees in the tri-county area and more than 20,000 staff in the early learning and child care sectors. The vaccination center at the Oregon Convention Center will administer approximately 2,000 vaccines per day. It will take a number of weeks for all educators to be vaccinated.

    Vaccines will be provided in a sequence of four waves to specific employee groups.

    Wave 1 is: 
    Employees providing limited-in-person instruction

    Elementary school teachers for Pre-K to 1st grade and support staff, specialists, administration at elementary schools.

    Bus drivers, custodians, and nutrition service employees

    Emergency Child Care facility operating in person, and approved by the state (home or center)

    The other waves are:

    Wave 2: Teachers and support staff 2nd grade – 5th grade

    Wave 3: Teachers and support staff of 6th grade – 8th grade

    Wave 4: Teachers and support staff of 9th grade – 12th grade, substitute teachers, athletic coaches or other staff not based at a district or educational facility

    Wave 1 employees are scheduled to have the opportunity to make a vaccination appointment at 12pm today.  You will receive a follow-up email with instructions for signing up for an appointment shortly.  There are more employees in this wave than available appointments for the week. If you’re unable to make an appointment this week, we will let you know when more appointments are available.    

    Staff in subsequent waves will be notified when appointments are available. The exact timing of when each wave will begin is still dependent on when vaccines and appointments are available.

    This is truly an incredible and historic effort led by our healthcare partners. You can help make it go smoothly by following the process created by Oregon Health Authority and hospitals.  Thank you in advance for your patience as this process is rolled out accordingly to The Oregon Health Authority (OHA).  

    Gresham-Barlow School District