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Volunteer Information


Help Strengthen Our Community's Foundation

The Gresham-Barlow School District welcomes and appreciates volunteer efforts, no matter how big or small. With your help, our students' education is enhanced. If a child can experience success at school, they will be better prepared to tackle life's challenges and contribute back to our community. We invite you to volunteer in our schools and programs, and we hope you enjoy and grow from the volunteer experience.

Thank you to all our volunteers! The number of people and hours donated can be tracked and counted, but their compassion, dedication, and eagerness to help strengthen our community's foundation can never be measured. You do make a difference

How do I become a volunteer?

It's important our volunteers enjoy their time and experience while helping with our programs and in our schools. To help us place you in a position that best suits your needs, please take time to review the following steps:

  • Consider how often and how much time you would like to donate
  • You may contact our programs and schools directly, or you may request more information from our
    Communications and Community Engagement Director, Athena Vadnais, at:
  • Complete and submit a volunteer application (see link below)

Online Volunteer Application Form

Frequently Asked Questions