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Facilities Department Staff

Facilities Department staff members work behind the scenes to maintain Gresham-Barlow school buildings and grounds for the comfort and safety of students, staff and the community.


Terry Taylor

Director of Facilities
Oversight of all Facilities Department operations, projects and staff

(503) 258-4717  |  Send an Email

Alan Crapser

Assistant Director of Facilities

Custodial Services Supervisor & District IPM Coordinator
Provides direct supervision and management of custodial operations throughout the District.

(503) 258-4702  |  Send an Email

Denise Blaylock

Facilities Office Operations Coordinator
Appointments and secretarial support for Terry Taylor, purchasing, accounts payable, coordination of annual inspections of fire extinguishers, elevators, sprinkler systems, and alarms, general custodial support including monthly inspection reports, incident and vandalism reports, custodial supply order support, safety committee minutes, Resource Conservation Committee coordination

(503) 258-4700  |  Send an Email

Janet Blaschke

Systems Operator
Telecommunications and radio systems, keyless security systems, building access including all staff and contractor badging, fire/burglar alarms, OperationsHero technical support and work order routing, custodial leaves/substitutes, facilities/field use, HVAC support, District Cell Phone support and systems equipment for the schools. Contractor background checks, including fingerprinting

(503) 258-4701  |  Send an Email


Dan Bolyard

Asbestos, carpentry, doors and hardware, flooring, key and lock, painting/lead based paint abatement, roofing

Tyler Falconer

Lighting ballast, alarm panel batteries, clocks/bells, general electrical, generators, lighting (indoor/outdoor), P/A systems

Jim Koehler

Physical Plant Engineer
Central plant heating and cooling operations, general HVAC repairs, boilers, cooling towers, filters, dry fire sprinkler systems, igniters, modules, (RTU, UV, AHU, exhaust fans), welding


Jeff Rainer-Andrews 

Lead Groundskeeper
Grounds coordination, field maintenance / planning / management, bark dust/hog fuel/sand/gravel, irrigation, tree contracted services

Groundskeeper (Open)

General grounds, natural turf field maintenance/planning

Chris Clemence​

General grounds, natural turf field maintenance / planning / management/playground equipment / IPM

Max Seifert

General grounds, artificial turf, asphalt related to sports, outdoor bleachers, and tracks


Norm Brill

Hauling, fleet maintenance, obsolete/surplus equipment distribution, warehouse