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Grow Your Own


Gresham Barlow School District is a diverse school district in which approximately 50% of our students are students of color.   We have over 75 languages spoken by our students and families.  This shows the strength of our students and families to be a part of the global community.  

Research has shown us the importance of students and families seeing themselves reflected in the school environment by having staff that represent our students racially, culturally and linguistically.  Currently 88% of our staff identify as white.  50% of our students identify as White.  In many schools the majority of students are BIPOC.  Gresham-Barlow is committed to increasing the diversity of our staff.  One way to do this is through Grow Your Own Programs that provide pathways for current staff and students to pursue degrees in education.  

Gresham-Barlow is committed to hiring for diversity and "growing" our employees to be strong role models and advocates for our students.  

GBSD is partnered with Multnomah Educators Rising (MER).  When we refer staff of color to MER, they provide the guidance and seek out the funding to provide pathways to gain a teaching license.  These pathways can start from a person without any college experience to a person that has earned a college degree and wants to obtain a teaching certificate.  These pathways allow the individual to continue working while they pursue their degree.  They also provide the foundation support that aspiring Teachers of Color deserve.  

In addition to pathways for BIPOC staff we have developed pathways and support that any staff may participate in.

Tuition Reimbursement for skill enhancement and/or certification

Bi-lingual Teacher Pathways 

Special Education Teachers

ESOL endorsement

Dual Language Endorsement

Additional single subject secondary endorsements

School Administration


For information on any of these pathways please contact:

Debra James

Director of Human Resources

Grow Your Own Programs


For information on accessing tuition reimbursement please contact:

Erin Hoke

Human Resources Specialist


GYO College Partners for a Bachelor’s Degree with Teaching License

Application for Cost of licensure reimbursement

If you are racially or linguistically diverse you may qualify for reimbursement for the cost of TSPC licensure.  Here is the link to apply.  TSPC Reimbursement