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Human Resources Staff

Headshot of Angela Freeman

Angela Freeman, Executive Director of Human Resources                                     

 GBEA & OSEA Negotiations, Licensed and Classified MOU's, Staff Improvement and Correction, and Labor and Professional Relations  

 (503) 261-4599  | Send an Email

Headshot of Felisha Brewer

Felisha Brewer, Senior HR Office Manager

Appointments and support for Angela Freeman, Frontline Recruiting and Hiring, Professional Growth and Absence Management Systems; End-of-Year Recognitions; Job Descriptions 

(503) 261-4599  |  Send an Email

Headshot of Kendra Bowens

Kendra Bowens, Office Manager

Licensed Employee Postings/Hire Notices; Licensed Application; Licensed Contract Offers; Licensed Employee Salaries/Staffing Changes; Licensed Resignations and Retirements

(503) 261-4563  |  Send an Email

Headshot of Jen Alvarado

Jen Alvarado, HR Specialist

Classified Job Postings, Applications and Employment Offers, Classified Resignations and Retirements, Classified Highly Qualified Status; Extra Duty Contracts and AVID Tutors

(503)261-4561   Send an Email

Headshot of Erin Hoke

Erin Hoke, HR Specialist 

Tuition Reimbursements, Group Health Insurance, Employee Calendars, Fingerprinting, Facility Monitors, First Aid/CPR  and Medical Trainings, Name & Address Changes, Vector Solutions Mandatory Employee Trainings(SafeSchools), and Unemployment Claims

 (503) 261-4560  |  Send an Email 

Headshot of Noelle Thelen

Noelle Thelen, HR Specialist

Worker's Compensation, ADA Compliance, Medical and Parental Leaves, Jury Duty, Employment Verifications, and Loan Forgiveness Forms

(503) 261-4562 | Send and Email